Mini Freezer Buying Guide

Author:Ameenah | TIME:October 19,2018

Although people would rather prepare a full-size fridge at home, there are some advantages that a mini freezer provides. A mini fridge usually takes up little space, which is perfect for individuals, small families, offices or car trunk. They do not cost a lot in purchase and maintenance, but they still perform well in refrigeration and food preservation. Last but not least, a mini freezer is usually portable. That is to say, you could move it around in your house wherever you need or even take it out for a picnic.

Mini fridge costs less than a full-size refrigerator, but it doesn’t mean that you could choose any cheap one randomly.

Size matters. One of the most important reasons that people choose a mini freezer is that they do not want it to take up too much space. Therefore, the best mini fridge should be definitely in compact size.

Mini freezer is less expensive, but you could still choose a quality one so as not to frequently change to a new one. Some mini fridges are made of stainless steel or other durable materials. They should be listed on our picks of the best mini fridge. 

#1  Gourmia GMF660 Pepsi Thermoelectric Mini Freezer 


This mini fridge is recognized as the best mini fridge on Amazon. This 4-liter mini freezer measures 7 x 9 x 10.2 inches. The shelf is removable so as to provide you with large items or small pieces separately. The self-locking latch perfectly prevent things from falling out. The carry handle along with the compact size makes it portable to be carried everywhere.

It is featured with a cooling and heating system. It could cool down to lower than 32°F ambient temperature and warm up to 150°F in 75°F ambient temperature. Even if it is unplugged, the well-insulated interior will keep the temperature.

This is also an eco-friendly mini freezer because it applies thermoelectric technology. The semi-conductor says no to CFC and refrigerants, thus producing no harmful pollutants. There is a built-in cooling fan, ensuring its durability and effectiveness.

It includes 2 detachable power cords, one AC for wall outlets and one DC for cigarette lighters so that you could use it at home or on a trip.

Pepsi mini fridge has received the ETL certification so that it is safe, efficient and quality to buy.

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# 2 RCA RFR321-FR320/8 IGLOO Mini Freezer


This is another best mini fridge among compact fridges. It takes up only 3.2 cu. Ft, which is compact to be equipped near the outlet. The hidden door handle makes it look fashionable, satisfying your both needs of home decoration and refrigeration.

Although it looks small, it is able to accommodate a variety of things. You could easily adjust the two racks inside according to how much space the items take up. There are extra storage shelves and beverage holders on the door. The adjustable level feet and the reversible door which allows you to open it from the left or right match your kitchen layout.

This mini fridge refrigerates food in a sustainable way with low energy consumption. It applies a compressor to cool it down which means it will perform well no matter in what environment.  

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#3 Whynter CUF-210SS Mini Freezer


This mini freezer, measuring 20 x 17.5 x 27.5 inches, takes up only 2.1 cubic feet. It is an upright mini fridge. That is to say, it requires clearance around it.

Powered by 75W motor, this mini freezer mechanically maintained the temperature at -10F to 2 F, perfect to preserve your food or free drinks at home, in the office, in a car or anywhere else.

The freezer compartment measures 12.5” (W) X 16” (D) X 21”(H), large enough to it applies to satisfy your basic refrigeration needs. It applies compressor cooling so that the external condition does not affect its performance.

There are 2 removable racks inside so that you could decide how large items you could put into your mini freezer. The stainless steel reversible door allows both left and right openings. The door features premium appeal so that your food won’t fall out. If you want it more secured, there is also a cylinder lock and two keys.

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