What is Best Pet GPS Tracker for Cats and Dogs

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Pet GPS tracker allows you to retrieve your missing pet and take it home safely before it runs too far away from home. If you add the new member to your homes, like any kitten or puppy, this timid furry pet may be an escape artist. What’s worse, they may not use sensitive smells to find a way to come back once they run away. Just post missing? Posting missing dog or cat doesn't make any sense because more people can't confirm from a photo that it is the missing pet even if they are seen.

The pet GPS tracker can help you with GPS tracking and you can get information about its location. Putting a dog tracking collar on your dog is undoubtedly the most reliable solution. This article tell you what best pet GPS tracker is .

#1 Whistle 3 Pet GPS Tracker for Cats and Dogs

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If you are the owner of a dog or cat and are worried that they will get lost, or you want to detect pet activity, Whistle 3  best pet GPS tracker can work great as a dog tracking collar. Whistle 3 is applying advanced GPS and cellular technology that can make you easily monitor pet locations.

This updated version features geofencing that can inform you once it leaves the safety fence. Of course, you will know where your pet is on AT&T. You will receive information when pets leave the safe area and where they are going. The Whistle app will require iOS 10 or higher and Android 5.0 or higher.

Whistle 3 pet GPS tracker not only makes your pet safer, but it also lets your pet healthier while it helps you monitor your pet's workout and activity throughout the day. Based on this information, you can develop a healthier exercise plan for your dog to keep your furry friends in good shape.

As for battery life, Whistle 3's 7-day battery life is longer than other pet GPS tracker competitors. Once the pet GPS tracker is running in low power, you will get a message before it runs out all power and be notified to charge in time. A full charge takes about 2 hours.

However, if you need to find a heart rate or any other medical related information. This is not the most suitable GPS pet tracker for cats or dogs. In addition, the subscription plan is required. You need to choose a plan from available options when you are activating the Whistle app, which will require you to spend a minimum of about $10 per month for this. So this is a trade-off. Even if it is not very expensive, it will be not a small expense if used for a long time.

#2 Tractive 3G GPS Pet Tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Pet Tracker.jpg

Another best pet GPS tracker option is Tractive 3G. If you need a pet GPS tracker that can be installed it on a collar or harness to track the pet's activity, Tractive 3G is a good choice. This compact and lightweight unit is suitable for cats or dogs over 9 pounds without bringing any inconvenience to their activities.

Tractive 3G works with apps downloaded from Android, iOS and Windows Phone. With the Tractive GPS 3G, you can easily know the pet's real-time location and full location history. GPS satellites and local towers track your pet's whereabouts without annoying the base station or home Wi-Fi router. If you need to create a secure zone in your application, Tractive can provide you with round and rectangular geofencing options. Once your furry pet leaves the safe area, you will receive an alert on your smartphone.

In addition, a subscription plan in month basic is required too. There are different ordering plans available for you to choose from, and it cost you at least $5 per month. When it comes to battery life. Tractive's best GPS Pet Tracker has a battery life comparable to Whistle 3 when the life of a rechargeable battery is 2-5 days.

#3 Link AKC Dog Tracking Collar with LED

Link AKC Dog Tracking Collar with LED.jpg

Link AKC Dog Tracking Collar stands out because of its excellent and fast GPS tracking, which is the best pet GPS tracker with LED we found. You can easily know where your dog is after you subscribe to a service plan. With it, it can record and collect special walks with your dog which can be shared with your friends.

To guarantee the safety of your dog, you can set up a geofence. If your dog leaves the geofence, it will notify you in a timely manner.  Link AKC dog tracking collar is equipped with LED lights, which makes it more suitable for night use. You can have the LED turned on remotely so that it allows your dog to see and be seen more easily.

Link AKC is desinged for caring more about your dog's health than other dog tracking collars, while you can use it to closely monitor the health of your dog. Just set the optimal temperature for your dog to let you know if your dog feels too hot or too cold. Lastly, It has 3 days of battery life.


Any responsible dog owner will always pay attention to the safety of your furry friends. Pet GPS tracker works great for you to check the location of your pet, you don't need to worry about your furry friend getting lost again. Don't miss pet GPS tracker reviews if you want to invest one for your cats or dogs.


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