​3 of the Best Pool Toys for Swimming Pool

Author:Max | TIME:November 02,2018

Both children and adults like to stay in the water in the summer. This is a great way to keep you cool, and some very interesting pool toys can provide you with extra pleasure. In the market, pool toys have different styles. Let's check out 3 best inflatable pool toys for kids and adults on Amazon.

1. Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Toy

Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Toy.jpg

The Swimline Giant Shootball is one of the most popular inflatable pool toys allowing you to spend the most relaxing time in the water. Swimline inflatable pool toy makes you start a basketball competition on the water, suitable for players of all ages, whether he/she is a child or an adult. Think about it, if you let basketball in the open-air basketball court, the hot weather will defeat you first. But the giant shooting basketball pool toys provide a solution for a cooler game time.

Giant Shootball Basketball pool toy has multiple ports that allow inflatable basketball to be thrown into the port from different directions. So it's perfect for a pool party.

In terms of size, the Swimline Giant Shootball measures 36 x 45 inches. The heavy-duty vinyl material makes this inflatable pool toy durable and remains intact during intense competition, making it easy to spend a few summers with you.

This water basketball pool toy is designed to be simple to assemble and use. Although it comes with a ball, fortunately, you can buy extra balls. If you also want to have a fun basketball game on water, then you must not miss them.

If you are tired of your child's eyes on an iPad or a smartphone, then the Swimline Giant Basketball Swimming Pool Toy is your most worthwhile investment. On the one hand, keep your child away from electronic products, on the other hand, it can give your child a lot of workouts.

Swimline Giant Shootball Basketball Swimming Pool Toy.png

2. Intex 12" Beach Ball

Intex Beach Ball.jpg

If you don't like the water basketball game, then you can also try the Intex Pool Beach Ball. Intex Beach Ball is one of the best inflatable pool toys for kids and adults. It is an effective way to spend a wonderful summer with your family and friends. In addition to experience everything on the volleyball court, it adds more joy to you. Its package contains an inflatable beach ball, a floating base with a net, a shelf, and a repair kit.

It measures 4 x 25 x 36 inches and weighs 2.2 pounds. This is a relatively large unit and may not be suitable for a small pool. It can be used in both ways, you can choose to float or anchor your net. If you float the Intex Pool beach balls game on the water, then you will pass the ball back and forth above the net. And if you add some weight to the bottom of the pole, this is destined to be a more serious volleyball game. It’s an attraction at the Summer Pool Party, the Intex Pool beach ball toy will allow you to have the best pastime with other friends.

The inflatable floating base is made of vinyl, so it is strong enough to withstand the test of time. The beach ball uses the 7th vinyl, which allows it to withstand a lot of back and forth hits. The patch kit is also included, so you can fix any bugs yourself. Its rugged materials and patch kits mean a longer life.

Intex Beach Ball.png

3. Jilong Water Wheel

Jilong Water Wheel.jpg

The water wheel is one of the best inflatable pool toys for kids. It's like a hamster wheel, and this cute design is a child's favorite. But in fact, adult people will like it too, so it is suitable for both adults and children. And it can support weights up to 200 pounds. The solid I-beam structure of the Rainbow String makes this water wheel strong to support a child to balance on the water wheel.

Some users will use it on the grass. However, we do not recommend this because some small sand or stones in the grass will damage the inflatable pool toys to some extent and shorten their service life.

The most important point is that your kids need to be supervised when they are on the water wheel. Because it will be slippery when it is wet. If the children fall into the water, they may need your help because there is nothing to grab on the water wheel.

Jilong Water Wheel.png


After comparing the best pool toys, we listed three inflatable pool toys that we can find on Amazon. Whether it's for summer parties or other gatherings, it will be an attraction. They are the best pool toys for kids and adults you can't miss. Hope you will find useful information here and pick out the model that is right for you.


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