Best Portable Closet to Organize Your Clothes and Items

Author:Max | TIME:November 16,2018

Has anyone used a portable closet? How do I organize my clothes when I live in two places? I usually live in two places, in my house and in the dorms. I have a very simple wardrobe, and I often have to move my clothes from one home to another because I don't have much. And the wardrobe in the dormitory is not enough for me to put these clothes. Any suggestions?

If you need to live or travel in a place for a short time, organizing your clothes is really not easy. The portable closet allows you to better manage your storage space and effectively helps you organize some of your clothing and daily necessities. In the season, you have to vacate your wardrobe to put on sweaters, down jackets, and boots. Portable wardrobe closet can help you manage your clothes and make full use of your limited space. Moreover, these wardrobes are designed to be good and will not destroy the warm ambience of the room your room. Let's take a look at the popular portable closet.

1. Whitmor Extra-Wide Portable Closet

Whitmor Extra-Wide Portable Clothes Closet .jpg

If you have limited space in your wardrobe and want to find a portable closet, then this wardrobe can work as a seasonal wardrobe if you have a lot of clothes. This allows your clothes and items to be effectively managed without the accumulation resulting with messy rooms. Its oversized 19.5" x 60" x 64" inch holds 50 pounds of clothing. Its sturdy 60-inch wide frame is covered with breathable fabric to ensure that the inside of the portable closet is dust-free and clean, effectively preventing you The clothes are dusty or damp. there is no open area, the entire space is wrapped in the fabric, you can find everything you drop at the bottom.

It is easy to install. Its installation is tool-free. But we recommend that you use a work glove and tap the lever with your hand to get a more solid frame. If your frame is not strong, the closet is likely to swing a bit. It may not be your long-term storage solution, but portable wardrobe closet works great for extra storage.


2.OxGord 69" Portable Closet Storage Organizer

OxGord 69" Portable Closet Storage Organizer.jpg

OxGord closet comes with metal tube and joints. Durable, sturdy, breathable fabric cover can keep your clothes from moisture or insects. Its side also provides Extra storage space, all of which is your short storage solution. But his large size can accommodate a lot of clothes and items, it seems not very portable. But he is very lightweight, and its tube is detachable. Therefore, it provides a combination of portability and practicality.

Its frame is stable and does not shake. The assembly is very convenient and it takes only half an hour to complete a perfect frame if you follow its guidelines.


3.Whitmor Portable Clothes Closet

Whitmor Portable Clothes Closet .jpg

If you are looking for a truly portable wardrobe closet, the Whitmor portable clothes closet is a small size clothes closet for a dormitory or small apartment. If you are looking for a larger model, you can choose from the models we mentioned above. It is suitable for storing untimely or off-season clothes in my basement or storage room to get more storage space in your bedroom.

Its assembly is simple, you need to put separate tubes together. Its outer cover has a zipper, so the clothes stored inside can be well protected from dust and humid air. Once all the tubes are attached together, you get a will 19.75 x 36 x 64-inch frame.



If your separate wardrobe can store a large number of clothes and items in the wardrobe, then the Whitmor ultra-wide locker is your choice, but it will be a bit difficult to install, because his manual is not very well understood. The .OxGord Portable closet is a large closet with extra pockets on the side, so it provides more storage. For those who prefer a small size wardrobe, Whitmor portable clothes closet is a better choice.


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