Furminator deShedding Tool for Dogs 

  • Stainless shedding blade for durable, safe and easy to touch even the dogs’ skin
  • FURejector button allows you to easily remove the loose hair sticking to the tool
  • Comfortable and easy-grip handle make you at ease even shedding a large dog for a long time
  • Make your dog feel comfortable and unhurt even when it releases undercoat
  • Application for small and large dogs no more than 51-90 pounds

Furminator releases this deShedding tool for dogs in order to help dog owners with problems of scattered hair in every corner of their house. When dogs shake off their loose hair at any time and anywhere, this could add difficulty to your cleaning job. That is why Furminator produces this deShedding tool for dogs. It consists of a shedding edge and a handle. The shedding edge is made of stainless steel, which allows the tool to prevent rust and last for years. The handle is specially designed to be easy-grip and comfortable so that you dog owners will not feel tired even after holding it for a long time. It could cut hair longer than 2 inches no matter from large or small dogs less than 90 pounds. The deShedding tool could reach as further as the undercoat of dogs and neither caused damage nor discomfort to dog’s skin. 


  • Take a shower for your dog and dry their hair before starting out. Wet hair would cause extra hair shedding.


  • Before Using deShedding Tool for dogs, remember to conduct an overall review. Remove any accessories. Make sure there is no scar, sores or other skin diseases hidden under the coat.


  • Use the deShedding tool like a brush, go through the coat of your pet along the direction that the hair goes. Make sure the edge is sideling when using it. Don’t press too hard and stop once it causes your dog’s discomfort.


  • Press the FURejector button and remove the extra shedding hair sticking to the tool’s teeth.


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