Top 4 Best Shower Cap Buying Guide

Author:Ameenah | TIME:February 27,2019

Taking a hot shower could be wonderful in chilly winter. However, it might cause trouble for those with long hair, especially when you don’t want to get your hair wet. Then shower caps would help.

Why you Need a Shower Cap?

  • Keep your hair away from water

It is suggested that you don’t have to wash hair every day for the sake of your health. However, if you are wearing long hair, you would always leave your bathroom with wet hair. With a shower cap, you don’t have to blow-dry it every day, saving you much time and effort.

  • Keep your hairstyle

You might have just come back from the hair salon and you don’t want the shower to bath and ruin your hairstyle. So, remember to wear a shower cap before you take a shower or bath. By blocking out the moisture, you could restyle or stretch your hair for longer.

  • Deep Hair Care / Conditioning

By applying hair conditioner and covering your hair with a shower cap, the heat from your head would work with the conditioner to bring deeper hair care in the enclosed space. You would have silky and shiny hair after you remove the cap.

  • Reduce damage

Are you tired of scruffy hair after getting up in the morning? Have you ever tried wearing a shower cap during sleep time? Although it seems less elegant and comfortable, it still reduces the chances that your hair from pulling and matting.

What is the Best Shower Cap?

* Betty Dain Shower Cap 

shower cap

Betty Dain has the best shower cap recommended by Amazon. There are 4 patterns available and each is featured with colorful and sassy prints. It aims to make taking a shower a great fun by taking into consideration practical and ornamental features. 

shower capshower capshower capshower cap

Made of nylon exterior, this shower cap is excellent in water-resistant while the PEVA lining is eco-friendly and skin-friendly. As it does not retain water, it is impossible that mold and mildew breed.

Unlike those disposal shower caps, this one is designed to be reusable. You could put it in the washing machine to clean and refresh it. It is suggested to fully dry it up before you put it away so as to ensure its durability.

All Betty Dain shower caps come in the same size, suitable for most heads. With an elasticized hem, the shower cap would tightly fit your head and prevent your hair from leaking. The adjustable hem brings you extra comfort while the roomy space is perfect to hold even long and thick hair.  

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shower cap

ESARORA provides shower caps of 4 patterns. The vivid color might cheer you up after a long day working.

This shower cap is not only designed for shower or bath. It makes life easier when you wash your face, apply the mask or put on makeup. It also helps to keep your hairstyle when you are sleeping. 

shower capshower cap

ESARORA shower cap is featured with a highly waterproof exterior and double lining that provides extra protection to your hair. The anti-microbe structure keeps mold and germs away, allowing it to last for years. 

shower cap

The hem of the cap is carefully stitched so as to prevent leakage. The elastic hem could fit most heads, suitable for children, adults or even those with long and thick hair.

* Simply Elegant XL Shower Cap 

shower cap

Even if most shower caps have an elastic hem, some of you would still find it difficult to put it on. For example, those with wild-curl up would prefer a larger shower cap, just like this Large and Extra Large shower cap provided by Simply Elegant.

shower cap

When you find the standard shower cap unfit your hair, just take it with you during a trip. The extra huge one measures 15 inches in diameter and the opening measures 9 inches before stretching.

Made of EVA, this cap is not only waterproof but also safe for your skin. More durable material allows the cap to last for years, but it is suggested to replace it regularly.

The size of this shower cap is adjustable with a drawstring and toggle. You could decide how loose and how tight you would like the cap to fit your head. It would be a great present for braids, locs, weaves, relaxed hair, etc.

shower cap

check it on Amazon.PNG

* HOOYEE Shower Cap  for Toddler, Baby, Kids, Children

shower cap

Washing hair or taking a shower for babies could be a difficult thing, but things would be easy with a baby shower cap.

This is the best shower cap for babies recommended by Amazon. It is made of supple and eco-friendly EVA material which is waterproof and durable to last for years. Eva material feels soft and lightweight so that it won’t make the little baby feel uncomfortable.

it is actually a 3-in-1 shower cap. When you shower your baby, it helps to protect the eyes and ears from getting damaged by water shock. When you take him/her out on sunny days, it helps to protect their eyes from direct sunshine. When he/she has a haircut, putting on this shower cap would make things easier.

Measuring 0.3mm in thickness and 30-53cm in adjustable length, HOOYEE shower cap is designed for 0-6 kids. 

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