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Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 24,2019

Do you usually forget to pack your power bank during the trip and see your mobile phone or laptop die? Are you still thinking that a backpack is only used to put away your clothes, bottles or anything else when you are going to take a trip? Nowadays, there appears a smart backpack that aims to bring you a more convenient trip. For example, with a tech backpack, you could charge your phone, play music, etc. In a word, the smart backpack is designed to satisfy today’s modern lifestyle.  

*MATEIN Smart Backpack 

MATEIN Smart Backpack

MATEIN ranks the top on the laptop bag list. Made of quality polyester fabric, this smart backpack boasts of its water resistance and durability. The metal zippers not only provides sufficient protection for things inside but also make it more secure and long-lasting. It is suitable for people of all ages, such as office workers, business person or students.

The tech backpack is featured with lots of pockets and a large storage space. The large main compartment could accommodate most of your daily necessities or tech accessories during the trip.

The separate middle compartment is designed to hold laptops of 15.6, 15, 14 or 13 inches so that you don’t have to worry that mixing with other stuff would scratch it.

The front compartment with many small pockets where you could put away your pens, keys, cards, phone or other small things.

The mesh side pocket with elastic sealing could hold glass bottles, umbrellas or other items while the hidden pocket at the back of the backpack of the smart backpack prevents your valuable items like passport, mobile phone or wallet from being stolen.

There is a strap that helps to fix it on the suitcase. Just slide it over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying. The suitable size perfectly allows you to carry it to board a plane.  

The charging backpack has a USB charger outside and charging cable inside so that you could charge your phone when it runs out of power. We have to remind you that the backpack does not power itself, so you still have to prepare a power bank on your own.  

In addition to practical use, by no means would MATEIN ignore this smart backpack’s comfortable wearing. The multi-layer padded back provides firm support for stuff inside while ensuring ventilation and softness on your back, thus preventing you from feeling hot in summer. The adjustable strap fits people at a different height. The padded design perfectly relieves the burden on your shoulder.   


*Oscaurt Smart Backpack

Oscaurt Smart Backpack

Featuring a USB charging port, this smart backpack aims to ensure you an easy access to the power bank so that you could still use your phone while charging it on the way without leaving your backpack open.

Measuring 11.02” X 4.92” X 16.93”, you could use this tech backpack school bag, laptop backpack or travel backpack.

This tech backpack could be fully opened to 180 degrees so as to make it more convenient and quick to see what’s inside and reach what you want. There are multiple separate compartments and pockets inside where you could organize your stuff in perfect order.

The laptop compartment is featured with velvet interior and elastic band so as to provide extra protection and prevent it from falling out. The other big or small pockets are designed for different things such as the tablet, mobile phone, cards, keys, etc.

The padded adjustable straps allow you to adjust the backpack to the most comfortable position so as to prevent you from feeling tired. The premium waterproof exterior material makes it safe even when you carry it out on rainy days.

The reinforced material at the back allows it to hold up to 55 pounds while the hidden pocket at the back is mainly designed for valuable items in case that they are stolen.

There is a reflective stripe on the front of this smart backpack. It helps to find it more easily when you lose it at night. Moreover, it makes you more conspicuous when you walk in the dark, thus ensuring your safety.


*YOREPEK Smart Backpack

YOREPEK Smart Backpack

YOREPEK smart backpack is an extra large one. Measuring 19.0” X 14.6” X 10.2”, it could hold laptops larger than 13 inches and smaller than 17 inches.

It consists of 3 wide compartments and more than 20 separate pockets and hidden pockets for both large and small items, such as clothes, books, laptop, water bottle, etc.

Made of superior polyester fabric and high-density nylon lining, this smart backpack perfectly prevents falling out, shake and water so that you could feel free to bring it to school, business trip and travel.

The backpack could be opened to 90-180 degrees. In this case, you could find and reach things quickly. Moreover, for airplane travelers, this tech backpack makes it more convenient and efficient to pass airport security without making a great mess by fully displaying the stuff inside.

Compared with other smart backpacks, it is not only a simple charging backpack. The USB port built outside is linked to a fixed charging cable so that you could put your power bank inside instead of holding the bulky thing in your hand.

There is also a headphone port so that you could enjoy listening to music or answering your phone while walking on the street.

The rugged handle, featured with steel cable on the top makes it more durable and easier to carry.

The U-shaped three-dimensional back promotes air ventilation and heat elimination so that you would feel cool in summer and warm in winter. The wide mesh strap with rich foam pad helps to relieve pressure on your shoulder. There are lanyards on both side of the shoulder strap so that you could attach some accessories, keys or your sunglasses to it to make it easier to identify during a trip.  



We have found that a smart backpack actually looks similar to a common backpack, but the considerate additional functions such as charging backpack do make our trip easier. If you are planning a replace your new backpack, why not consider a tech backpack.  


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