Real Dancing Flame Landscape, Anmaker Solar Torch Light

Author:Tony | TIME:September 01,2018

Have you ever tried to find perfect lights for your backyard, pools, garden or other places for outdoor activities or ball, but fail to produce the beautiful and romantic atmosphere? You are in the right places. I would like to recommend you a wonderful alternative to real frames. That is the solar torch light

I did some research and found that too many people liked it. We bought this solar torch light for our patio. Unlike those bulky and heavy streetlights, this solar touch light boasts to be more lightweight. Therefore, you could lift it easily and put it wherever you want,  yards, gardens or any other activity space.

This decoration light is featured with a sloped design in case that water or dust will deposit at the top to influence charging. In this case, the solar torch light will be able to survive even in extreme weather, day and night.

Each decoration light has 102 LED lights which give out yellow lights. They look extremely similar to the real dancing frame landscape, thus providing perfect and charming ambiance.  Having those warm yellow lights around will make you feel at home. This solar torch light is suitable for no matter home improvement or party decoration.  


We think highly of it because they are solar-powered, which allows it to charge automatically in the daytime and turns on at night with a daylight sensor without manual operation. Solar-powered products are always more environmentally friendly and economical. As you don't have to attach cables or electric lines to it, it adds no difficulty to your installment even if you are not good at it. Additionally, you don't have to worry that kids will be tripped or get an electric shock. With this solar torch light, you will be able to create a safe and beautiful place for your children to have fun around the backyard. 

I love the solar torch light . The dancing frame landscape that they provide are so realistic and the light could last for the whole night. You are suggested to follow the instructions that come with the decoration light and charge them for a couple of days in full sunlight before using them. I've placed my lights in the front of the house where they get lots of light and they are still burning after sunrise for days. 

Are you looking for lights for a family gathering at night in the courtyard? Are you planning a romantic dinner with your lover at the beach but concerned about the lightning? Have you been worrying about the dim light in the yard would make your kids fall down and get hurt? Then why not pick a decoration light for safe and beautiful lightning?


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