14 Surprisingly Smart Uses For Zip Ties and Cable Ties

Author:Max | TIME:April 02,2019

Zip ties or cable ties are small and common items that are taken for granted in everyday life. These Zip ties in inexpensive price are made of nylon and can easily help you organize your wire cable. But they can only be used to tie loose cables together? Of course not, these cheap but useful zip ties have a wide range of uses.

Zip ties not only organize cables, but they can also be used for locking and repairing. If you don't know how to use these cable ties smartly, here are 14 surprisingly smart uses for zip ties and cable ties

Part 1. 7 Smart Uses For Zip Ties at Home

  1. Zip ties make home maintenance very convenient. The cable tie protects the broken toilet handle by simply reconnecting a broken toilet tank chain to the flush valve with a cable tie. They can save you expensive repairs.

    home maintenance.jpg

  2. Zip ties can clean the drain pipe of the sink. These cable ties can be used for all the remaining kitchen garbage in your drains, such as leaves or other debris.

    clean the drain pipe of the sink.jpg

  3. The zip ties can provide you a childproof cabinet.It is cheaper than locks, but they are equally effective. Use cable ties to lock up some things in the cabinet, such as cell phones and medicines.

    This way, your child has no access to these places. When you go home, you need to cut them with scissors and throw them into the trash.

    zip ties can provide a childproof cabinet.jpg

  4. Zip ties can add storage space forcleaning cabinet. You can use them to hang small items. In the kitchen, it can be a cleaning item such as tweezers, a dustpan, and a scrub brush.


  5. Zip ties can be your homemade keychain. These cable ties can be used as a keychain for your spare key for your babysitter or pet sitter if you don't have a spare keychain around you. You can put a lot of house keys together because these zip ties are durable enough.

    Zip ties homemade keychain.jpg

  6. Zip ties can be binder rings. Run the zip ties through holes. this binder allows your child to draw whatever they want on the document. The creation of these children will be a good memory if you are looking back when they grow up.

    blinder rings.png

  7. Tie-dye. You can use cable ties to create a wide variety of designs for your t-shirt. Instead of a regular rubber band, wrap your zip ties on your T-shirt. Once your shirt is set, it's time to wash it, carefully removing the cling film and ties.

Part 2. 7 Smart Uses For Zip Ties On the Go

  1. Use zip ties to organize your clothes. All you have to do is roll up your tops and pants and use a zipper. You can find that your suitcase can hold more things than before.

  2. If you are worried that your backpack and suitcase are being opened, you can use Zip Ties to put the zipper together. Once the nylon cable tie locks your zipper, it is difficult for those confused people to reach your backpack and suitcase.

    Zip Ties lock.png

  3. Does Button get lost during the trip? Cable ties can provide you with a quick fix for loose buttons. Tie the strap to secure its loose button in place even if there is no needle and thread.

  4. If the zipper of your backpack is broken, there is no needle thread on your body. You can use them instead of chain pulls, either you can't pull up or pull down the zip. We all know that once the zipper breaks, it is difficult to close the bag again.

  5. For camping enthusiasts, cable ties can also come in handy. For safety, you can use a cable tie to lock the tent. Of course, it may not stop the thief when you are a little far from the tent, but it is a good way to keep bugs and cold-blooded animals from entering your sleeping bag.

    tip tie camping.jpg

  6. Just like fixing a broken zipper, you can use zip ties for simple repairs. When you are hiking or camping outdoors, it's hard to find time to stop and work on our broken backpacks. And just use the cable ties and you will tighten the broken straps together.

  7. Worried that calf is bitten by outdoor mosquitoes? A zipper can tie the pants around the ankle. This way, if you have to cross the swamp, you can also prevent your calves and feet from getting wet.

    zip tie.jpg

The Bottom Line

There you have it. Today we shared some 14 surprisingly smart uses that you might not have thought of, including 7 smart uses for zip ties at home and 7 smart uses for zip ties on the go.

It turns out that the cable tie not only keeps your cords neat and organized but can also be used for more other purposes. After you see these amazing uses of cable ties, do you want to reserve some zip ties?


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