ZENS | Mobile Moon Portable Tea Set | Double Wall Glass Teapot with Built in Infuser | 2 Glass Tea Cups | Portable Design

  • EASY TO CARRY: Specially designed portable bag with fitted slots to protect glass teapot and cups is great for travel.
  • DOUBLE WALL GLASSES TEA SET:This tea set is made of high grade borosilicate double wall glass for better insulation.
  • PERFECT TEA EVERY TIME: The moon portable tea set is crafted for those who enjoy the moment of drinking tea. Enjoy a hot cup of tea just about anywhere, perfect for brewing loose leaf tea and popular to use with green, pu’er and flower tea.
  • TEA ON THE GO.Portable travel tea set with protective bag is extremely easy to carry around and make you enjoy a nice hot cup of tea everywhere, perfect for picnic and outdoors.

As a tea lover, I found a nice tea set which is very beautiful and cute. Its protable design is easy to carry on and make me 

enjoy tea at home, office or even travel. Here is the product ZENS Mobile Moon Portable Tea Set.

This tea set include one glass tea pot and two glass tea cups which are made of double walled glass for insulation heat. 

This tea set is a great size for gongfu style tea and it's pleasant to drink from it. I love this glass tea set better than other 

porcelain tea set, because I can enjoy the tea dancing and tea color in the hot water while brewing loose leaf tea, epecially 

for the flower tea and green tea.

This tea set is in great quality no matter the tea pot, tea cups and portable bag. They are all made of  high borosilicate 

double walled glass which is stronger than normal glass. The designed carring case with fitted slots to protect glass teapot

and cups is great for travel, picnic. I always take it outside, so I can enjoy a cup hot and health tea with my friend, sharing a

moment of a relex and pleasant time .

But for some people, the glass tea cups seem not big enough, a cup is only 2.33oz. But for me, it's OK. Because Chinese 

Kongfu tea is always using small cups, sip by sip, enjoying the fun of drinking tea completely. I always find the pleasure 

and relexing while I'm drinking tea, especially with my friend.

Here are some parameter for this tea set. I hope everyone can also find a great tea set if someone is a tea lover like me.

1. Teapot 5.64oz: [2.73 x 4.68 inches]

   Doule wall glass body with two grooves to hold and pour tea easily

2. Sides Built-in Filter

   Lid: [2.73 x 1.05 inches]

   Made of stainless steel and silicon filter.

3. 2 Teacups 2.33oz: [2.50 x 2.03 inches]

   Made of high borosilicate with double-walled body. The rim has a single wall edge to let you test the 

temperature easily.

4. Carrying Case with Handle: [7.18 x 6.63 x 3.16 inch]

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