Zion Judaica Tealight Candles Package of 120 - Celebrations For Special Days

  • Clean & approved tealight candle - safe and unscented to produce no harmful substance.
  • Durable use - The tealight candles keep burning for 4-4.5 hours, long-lasting enough for a party, dinner or religious rites.
  • Self-standing package - Package of 120, each tealight candle is packed in an aluminum tin for convenient use.
  • Sufficient burning - The tealight candle set burn to the last drop without wasting and doing harm to your countertop.
  • Eco-friendly wicks - 100% cotton wicks contains no lead or asbestos, safe and environmentally friendly.

What is it?

Zion Judaica tealight candles give out warm and dim lights, creating a harmonious or romantic atmosphere. You could light them when enjoying dinner with your lovers, having parties, attending religious rites and so on.

tealight candle

Why Is Zion Judaica Tealight Candle Set?

  • Quality wax

Zion Judaica tealight candles apply new and advanced wax. They produce no unpleasant smell or harmful substances, which is safe and eco-friendly. They could burn to the last drop, leaving no residue. You don’t have to deal with the great mess after the gathering. 

tealight candle

  • Premium wicks

Made of cotton wicks, the candles are free of lead or asbestos, which is safe and effective.

  • Considerate package

Each tealight candle is packed in a separate aluminum tin in case that the wax overflows to the countertop and cause great mess or fire. The self-standing package makes it more convenient to design special patterns, such as heart shape, numbers, words, etc.

tealight candle

There are 120 candles in a package, you could decide how many you need and avoid waste.

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