Best Toddler Toothbrush for 1-3-Year-Old Kids

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Hey, Moms! Your baby or little kid used to throw a fit every time you tried to brush his/her teeth? At some point in 6 to 10 months, you may be amazed at the first tooth your baby has. Congratulation! Even if he/she is a baby, you should pay attention to his teeth health. it's time to use your tricks to make him feel brushing your teeth is a fun.

This article is planned to incorporate some useful tips to get your kid to brush teeth and keep your child from resisting brushing and introducing the best toddler toothbrush or baby toothbrush.

Part 1. How to Get Your Kid to Brush Teeth

You look a little preachy when you keep saying how important brushing tooth it is to your little kids, but in fact, your baby may understand nothing at all. What they know is that you are going to poke a strange thing into their mouths, and it's no wonder they will resist. Here are some tips for getting your kids to brush teeth or letting you brush their teeth.

Tips 1. Let him/her choose to personally pick a toothbrush

Although the mood of a toddler or child is very unstable, it is true when you force them to do things they don't like. But let him/her choose himself toothbrushes and toothpaste, believe me, they will change. Below in part 2, we recommend a baby toothbrush that 3 children will like, and let them choose now.

Tips 2. Distract their attention as much as possible.

Music can attract the attention of young children, you can try to sing a catchy nursery rhyme. When the toddler concentrates on what you sing, you can get more control.

Tips 3. Play as a mother brushing teeth for toys

Let them brush the doll's teeth, this method can make them responsible for healthier teeth. And, implanting an idea requires brushing teeth every day is important.

Part 2. Best Toddler Toothbrush and Baby Toothbrush

Totz Baby/Toddler Toothbrush for Kids Above 18 Months

Totz Baby Toddler Toothbrushes.jpg

With ultra-soft bristles, Totz toddler toothbrush is designed for small teeth and gums. Made from 4,500 ultra-soft botanical bristles, it means the toothbrush contains no BPA, no latex, lead, phthalates or other ingredients that can damage your baby's health.

The head of this toddler's toothbrush has a safe rounded corner design, and the delicate gums and immature teeth are not beaten by possible sharp corners to resist brushing.

This baby toothbrush can be used as your child's toddler toothbrush to get the start and learn how to brush teeth properly because it is perfect for a small hand to grip.

What I don't like is that it will become very slippery when the handle is wet, the toddler toothbrush will slip out of the palm of their hand and fall to the ground.

In addition, you can see that its handle is a bit wide, so the general toothbrush holder seems to be useless to it.

Jordan Step 1 Toddler Toothbrush For 1-3-Year-Old Kid

Jordan Step 1 toddler toothbrush.jpg

When your child has the first tooth, start brushing the kid's teeth immediately. Jordan Step 1 is designed for the kid who is 1 year old and it is safe and comfortable.

The short neck and unique tooth ring design are effective in preventing swallowing while brushing, so the child does not feel any discomfort. The non-toxic and chewing handle helps to relieve tooth pain while the soft bristles are safe and free from BPA and phthalates.

But some mother buyers complain about bristles because they come out when the child puts this kids toothbrush into the mouth and chews it. In addition, the handle is not suitable for smaller children, and adults need to help brush their teeth.

Brusheez's Electric Baby Toothbrush for Kid Who ages 3 and up

Brusheez’s Electric Baby Toothbrush for Kid.jpg

Brusheez's Electric Baby Toothbrush is designed to make difficult toddler to like brushing their teeth. It comes with a battery-powered toothbrush, brushes cover, rinses cup, and extra brush head and timer.

Its cute animal theme design is loved by children with rich colors. In general, adults need to monitor brushing times but now the 2-minute sand timer allows children to see how much time they have left to brush their teeth.

This toddler toothbrush is an electronic toothbrush powered by 2 AA batteries, and its soft head can be rotated at 4000 rpm, making it easier for your child to brush their teeth. Besides, it removes plaque 2 times more  than a normal baby toothbrush

Extra heads are included to change different heads in different color allowing the child to maintain freshness on the toothbrush. At the same time, it is also time to teach the child to replace the old brush head every 3 months.

There are many features of this kids toothbrush that you may like but not a single toothbrush is perfect, Brusheez’s electric baby toothbrush is no exception. Many mothers complain that the toothbrush is a bit noisy, and the button on the toothbrush does not work smoothly.


Above are all we want to share with moms including how to get your kid brush teeth and 3 best toddler toothbrushes that your kid will like. Hope you enjoy this article and find it helpful for you.


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