3 Best Travel Umbrellas for Travelers, Backpackers, and Daily Commuters

Author:Max | TIME:September 25,2018

A travel umbrella with compact design works in case there is a rainy day, while it doesn't take too much space in your backpack or tote. Imagine you carry a big umbrella on the trip, it's just so inconvenient that can ruin your mood while you need your hands to hold other things, while a travel umbrella free your hands.

But there is no doubt that most of the time when you using a travel umbrella, it's because it can help to protect you from sunburn.

If you are looking for best travel umbrella that offers a perfect combination of practicality and good design, here are top 3 travel umbrellas you can find for travelers and backpackers.

Part 1. What Makes Best Travel Umbrella?

There is a number of travel umbrellas existing on the market, which makes it so hard to find a travel umbrella that is perfect for you, especially when some manufactures claims that their umbrellas are so quality enough that can be used as Ninja weapon. But what you need is a quality travel umbrella for wind and rain. Before being distracted by various models, you should figure it out that what makes the best travel umbrella for you.

First, a travel umbrella should be compact and burden-free. When you are a backpacker or traveler, you will want your baggage as light as possible. A compact travel umbrella will be your prior while it is lightweight and less than a pound.

Second, they should be strong enough. You won't want to see an umbrella blowing apart in the storm leaving you being desperate to fix that embarrassing situation. So, it should be windproof and rainproof.

Third, is it an automatic or manual opening mechanism? If travel umbrella is configured with an auto-opening mechanism, that means it's more children-friendly. It will not too difficult for your kid to open it and don’t need the adult’s help. Besides, it can easily open even when one of your hands holding bag. 

Last is economy. If you always use a travel umbrella, you will find it prone to be lost. you will be sad if it costs you a lot. An inexpensive travel umbrella may be your prior choice, but it should not sacrifice the good performance. 

Part 2 3 Best travel umbrellas in 2018 

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella.jpg 

If you are looking for the best travel umbrella for rain, I will recommend the Repel windproof travel umbrella claiming that an umbrella that defies the logic of Nature. It works well as it advertises.

9 Rib Construction which made of resin-reinforced fiberglass allows it withstand powerful winds but not turning inside out. Its canopy is waterproof and can dry at once, thanks to Teflon technology. Besides, three-fold chrome plated metal shaft adds metal frame equal to better stability.

It's so compact that just measured 11.5" long and weighs less than 12 ounces, which is perfect for a small backpack and trunk. This compact travel umbrella has auto open and close, easy to use with button control.


Compact travel umbrella is sturdy and strong

Teflon coating allows better water resistance

Durable than other small umbrellas

The dimpled handle is comfortable to hold


It's more suitable for a tiny person


LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella

LifeTek Automatic Travel Umbrella.jpg

This compact travel umbrella has the same length but weights slightly heavier compared to Repel, suitable for a traveler or a daily commuter.


9 Resin-Reinforced Fiberglass Ribs for construction is the same as Repel, it offers a good performance at windproof. besides, it features tri-folded to protect you in the middle of the rain and storm. when it blows wind, the combination of steel, resin, and aluminum ensure it's sturdy enough to resist the wind.


42” canopy offers large coverage and it's 12” when it's folded down. LifeTek’s signature fabric will allow LifeTek best travel umbrella to against UV rays and heavy downpours, so it can work well at sunny day and keep yo dry when it's rainy.


It also has an automatical button to let you close and open the compact travel umbrella easily.


Good for UV light protection

Considerable large area of rain coverage

The push-button function is smoother

Construction seems very durable


 Heavy and not easy to use


Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella.jpg

A Rain-Mate umbrella offers a combination of size, strength, and durability. Compare to 2 best travel umbrellas above, it's a litter more inexpensive but with strong construction. The same 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs and all metal frame make it solid enough to resist powerful gusts and rain so that it prevents ribs to bend or break.

Rain-Mate best travel umbrella is compact and lightweight with stylish design, suitable for travel. The one-touch auto open/close button on the ergonomic rubberized grip handle makes it easy to use and free from finger pinches.

It comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. that means if there is anything worse happening to an umbrella, you can get a new one without extra payment.


Opens with the touch of a button



Handle is small



Above are the top 3 travel umbrellas that is compact and sturdy enough to be windproof, they are perfect for the travelers and backpackers, but also can work great for daily commuters. If you are looking for a compact travel umbrella, they are the best ones that you can buy right now.

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