4 Under Bed Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

Author:Ameenah | TIME:February 28,2019

The bed takes up large space in a room and there leaves large vacant areas under the bed. For small apartments, it provides additional storage space. Nowadays, under bed storage is getting more and more popular because it would spare more space for other daily activities by putting away the less-used items in the hidden under-bed space.

However, under bed storage does mean simply piling everything under your bed. It requires some storage boxes and careful arrangements. There are several types of under bed storage solutions available in the market. In this passage, we list some of the most common and practical ones.  

Zober Under Bed Storage Bag 

under bed storage bag

Under bed storage bag is usually larger than common ones and flat for under bed space. You could use it to put away items that are seldom used, such as seasoning clothing and bedding.

Measuring 42”(L) x 18”(W) x 6”(H), Zober Under Bed Storage Bag could accommodate blankets, quilt, clothes, shoes, toys or anything else.

You could feel free to put it under the standard-size bed, in the attic or at the top of the closet.

This storage bag is made of polypropylene which is breathable to keep the items fresh and durable to resist puncture and tear.

The clear vinyl top allows you to see clearly what’s inside the bag without opening and rummaging through it.

The bag is sealed with a smooth zipper and tight stitch so as to perfectly prevent dust, damp and pests.

The package includes 2 storage bags and each has a sturdy handle for you to drag it out easily.  

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Sterilite 19608006 41 Quart Under Bed Storage Box

under bed storage box

Compared with cloth storage bag, storage box is more sturdy and impossible to get out of shape.

Measuring 34.88”(L) x 16.63”(W) x 6.13”(H), this under bed storage box is large enough to accommodate 41 quart and slim enough to fit under bed space.

There are 6 boxes in a package and each comes with a white lid. The clear base makes everything inside highly visible so that you could easily find out exactly what you need.

The box and the lid are tightly and securely locked with sturdy latches so as to keep your items away from dirt, damp and pests.

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Sterilite 14988004 Wheeled Under Bed Storage Box

under bed storage box

A wheeled box is definitely one of the practical and creative under bed storage ideas. The wheels make the box easier to be moved in or out, especially when you put heavy things in it.

Sterilite wheeled under bed storage box measures 33.88”(L) x 18.75”(W) x 7”(H), able to hold 56 quarts. You could put away your bedding, clothes, shoes, books and so on in it and hide it under your bed.

Recessed lids allow you to stack up several of them to save more space on the ground. This storage box is not only convenient for storage but also for easy searching for things because you could see what’s inside through the clear box.

The latches help to lock the lid in place, adding extra security to prevent the things from dropping out. 

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IRIS Under Bed Storage Drawers

under bed storage drawers

Storage drawers are more convenient than common storage box because you don’t have to put out the whole box from under the bed.

IRIS Under Bed Drawer measures 29.13”(L) x 17.38”(W) x 5.88”(H) in the exterior and 27.0”(L) x 14.5”(W) x 4.0”(H) in the interior, compact for under the bed or other furniture.

The rail ensures that the drawer could be pulled out smoothly and effortlessly. The transparent front lid allows you to see the items inside so that you don’t need to open each box and search for what you need.

The grooves on the top of the drawers help to secure each of them when you stack up two or more drawers.  

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Important Factor For Under Bed Storage

Measuring you should be one of the best preparation before you head to pick a random storage box or storage bag. Choose under bed storage box according to how high your bed is raised from the ground in case that you could not put it under your bed.

If you don’t have enough space under your bed, you could choose bed risers to lift it up for extra space or you could replace the old one with a storage bed.

As there are so many types of storage boxes available, you have to carefully consider what you really need. For example, for seasoning bedding and clothes, it is suggested to choose sealed boxes or bags, such as Zober under bed storage bag and Sterilite under bed storage box. For shoes, toys and books, wheeled box or under bed drawers are more preferred.


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