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Author:Ameenah | TIME:January 28,2019

Smart home has become a new and popular lifestyle in today's technology-driven world and the wireless light switch is one of the affordable and convenient forms of smart life.

Imagine that with a remote control light switch, you could turn on the lights before you arrive home and you could enter a well-lit room, you could dim the lights when you are ready to go to bed without getting up, you could set a timer to turn off lights after you fall asleep.

Additionally, when you forget to turn off the lights when you leave home, you could turn it off by controlling the wireless light switch even if you are out, thus saving you energy and money.

The wireless switch is usually operated by apps, wife or Bluetooth. All these just require a smartphone which is quite easy to access. 

*Etekcity Wireless Light Switch 

Etekcity Wireless Light Switch

Wanna turn your light on/off through remote control? That is what Etekcity wireless light switch does once it is paired with your phone.

This wireless switch is compatible with the free vesync app, ALEXA or GOOGLE ASSISTANT. You could control your lights no matter where you are as long as you remember to bring your phone.

This remote control light switch allows several practical functions, including Schedule Mode, Away Mode and Sunrise/Sunset Mode.

The schedule mode helps you to cultivate your kids’ good play and rest habits. You could turn the lights on/off to remind your kid that it is time to go to bed or wake up even if you do not stay with him.

The Away Mode is quite helpful for those who have to travel a lot because it would automatically turn your lights on at a regular interval. Sometimes a house without lights on is usually considered to be unoccupied, which is a great concern of home security. If you have to leave for a few days, you could set the Away Mode so that it seems that somebody is at home.

The Sunrise/Sunset Mode turns lights on/off according to sunlight instead of the preset specific times. The dawn and dusk come at a different time in different seasons. This mode eliminates you the trouble of resetting the timer frequently.

The solid construction and stable connection ensure that it would get connected again even after a power cut or network interruption. You don’t have to worry about resetting program.

This switch requires extra assembly, but you could do it on your own with the step-by-step video and specific installation instructions.


Remote control

Schedules, timers, sunset and sunrise

Home security

Easy to set up

2.4Ghz network

2-year warranty

Lifetime support


NOT compatible with the 3-way switch

* GE Wireless Light Switch Smart Dimmer Switch

Wireless Light Switch Smart Dimmer Switch

This wireless light switch is actually a smart dimmer switch which allows you to not only turn the lights on/off from the distance but also remote control and arrange the brightness of incandescent or Halogen light bulb or other lightening devices, like smartphones, tablets, computers. The brightness level could be adjusted from 0-100%, which is an effective way to reduce cost and energy consumption, thus prolonging the life of your light bulb.

Compared with the other series of switches, this remote control switch improves a lot in wireless range, processor speed, memory and energy efficiency.

This wireless light switch requires in-wall installation, but you could just attach it to the existing wiring and replace the old switch. Make sure that there is a neutral wire at home before you buy it.


Smart dimmer switch

Wider wireless range

Faster processor

Less energy consumption


NOT compatible with LED or CFL lights.

In-wall installation required

*DEWENWILS Wireless Light Switch 

Wireless Light Switch

DEWENWILS wireless switch, compatible with all kinds of indoor lighting equipment like a plug-in pendant, lamps, hard-to-reach lights and other electric appliances, is highly popular on Amazon.

The switch measures 2.95” × 4.61” × 0.71” while the receiver measures 2.4” × 3.1” × 1.7”. The receiver takes up only 1 outlet and you could also plug in another charger if necessary. With a 3-prong outlet at the side of the receiver, you could install it behind the door or furniture for easier plugin. 

Through the programming button, you could reset the variable codes regularly so as to avoid interference from other remote control systems.

This wireless light switch is able to cover 100’ RF range. That is to say, you could control the switch even if you are out, which makes life easier for the old, pregnant women and disabled person.

This switch could be extended to connect to extra hand-held remote and outlets from the HRS10XA series.

The assembly is so easy that you could finish it on your own. No wiring or mounting bracket is needed. When you don’t need to use it, just remove it from the outlet.


Remote control

100’ RF range

Programmable & extendable

Easy to set up


Indication light

Manual switch


Only 1 remote is included

Not fit for devices with an electronic switch


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