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Why do you need an apple peeler? Still worrying about how to peel the apple before making the apple pie? When you're making an apple pie for your family, you may need to do a lot of preparation. One of the boring and time-consuming tasks is to peel your apple. An apple peeler can come in handy. Its efficiency is 10 times more than the most skilled person in peeling, or more.

Worried about the presence of residual pesticides or other health-threatening ingredients in the apple peel? You need to peel your apple. But it is not easy for children to finish peeling independently. Because the knife is too difficult for the child to grasp and your child can be prone to be hurt by the sharp blade. The Apple Peeler provides the perfect solution for safe and fast peeling for apple. Many apple peelers on the market are designed for children and are easy to operate. For adults, using an apple peeler is a piece of cake.

The Apple Peeler is definitely a practical kitchen accessory. Below we have selected the best apple peeler on Amazon. Below is best apple peeler reviews.

#1 Precision Kitchenware Apple Peeler

Precision Kitchenware Apple Peeler0.jpg

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, that old saying is easy to explain the benefits that Apple brings to us. You can easily find them in pies and cakes, but not everyone enjoys peeling, coring and slicing apples.

Precision Kitchenware apple peeler is best apple peeler and works efficiently as apple peeler, corer, and slicer. So the 3-in-1 model lets you not have to make delicious pies and tarts in the kitchen, especially when you are going to have a party or a wedding. It's peeling, coring and slicing operation works flawlessly at the same time and offers higher precision than other products with the result being the minimal waste and more uniform and perfect peeling. And they can work independently, just remove the wing nut. Apple will automatically peel rather than slice or core.

When you need to use this apple peeler, you only need to fix the apple on the prong and then turn the handle. In just a few seconds you can get apple slices without apple core and peel.

The handle is designed to be ergonomic and you can easily turn the handle. At the same time, Precision Kitchenware is made of stainless steel, which will make him more durable and easy to clean. Because the apple juice is acidic, the stainless steel structure can effectively prevent the apple peeler from being corroded and rusted after long-term use.

When you receive this 3-in-1 model, you can easily assemble it without reference to the instructions.

#2 Best Electric Apple Peeler- Starfrit 93209 Rotato Express 

Starfrit 93209 Electric Apple Peeler.jpg

If you are a housewife who is busy with housework or does not have a strong hand strength, Rotato Express can satisfy all your peeling needs.

The apple peeler is powered by the included adapter or AA battery for cordless hand-free operation. Rotato Express can be used not only for apple peeling but also for fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, cucumbers, pears, peaches, radishes, etc.

This apple peeler is a compact and portable unit. You can clearly see its thick base and a post, then two extra blades are plugged into the built-in compartment. When you need to peel the apple, it is more often standing. This allows it to take up less space on the counter.

The non-slip base allows this model to get a better grip while at work. Because the kitchen counters are often wet, this will definitely solve the problem for you. When you need to start the peeling work, fix the apple in the middle of the bracket and press the switch installed on the base. At this point, the cutting arm will begin to move in the vertical direction, while the apple will continue to rotate and leave the peel. Flexible blades work well on asymmetric parts so that it offers you perfect peeling without wasting flash of fruit.

But we found the Rotato Express best apple peeler is perfect for thin-skinned apples, potatoes, zucchini, etc., but it’s not designed to peel off other hard-skinned fruits or vegetables.

#3 Starfrit 93013 Apple Peeler

Starfrit 93013 Apple Peeler.jpg

The Starfrit 93013 is made of durable nylon and has rust-proof stainless steel blades. Therefore, it is very light and portable. You can store it easily and it is suitable for a picnic or a trip. Four suction grips allow the apple peeler to be attached to the counter. Its transparent casing design is stylish and affects the beauty of your kitchen.

The Starfrit 93013 apple peeler is one of the best apple peelers to complete the perfect apple or Sydney peeling in the most limited time. It has a sharp blade, the blade moves across when it spins. It takes only a little spinning to get a perfect bunch of peels. This is much faster than any manual peeling. All you need to do is work on placing the apple and rotating arms.

It comes with a replacement blade. Therefore, this apple peeler can be very durable. What's more, the included cover provides better protection so your blades are not easily rusted.


Peeling apples is not a fun thing, you need to spend time and energy especially when you need to deal with a lot of apples. And the apple peeler can make your apple peeling work more efficient and fun. To be honest, getting your child involved in using an apple peeler is also a good choice. The above is our best apple peeler reviews. You can pick the best apple peeler depending on the different situation.


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