3 Best Hair Dryers That can Meet All Your Hair Drying Needs

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In order to dry your hair faster, you will simply to wrap your hairs around with a towel and rub it, but your hairs will be damaged to some extents if you pull your hairs too hard. Another way is to use a hair dryer.  As an electric appliance, the hair dryer can quickly generate warm air with a certain speed, which can accelerate the evaporation of water to achieve a drying effect.


But let's face it: if you use a bad quality hair dryer, there will be some trouble, such as the unpleasant heat, the hair being frizzy. At this point, you may need a quieter hair dryer for drying hair at midnight. Relax, we introduce 3 best hair dryers with better drying effect, can increase tension, hold and lift, suitable for family, travel, and salon.


So, if you are looking for a quieter hair dryer or travel hair dryer, just read on best blow dryer reviews.


How to Choose Best Hair Dryer that Meets Your Needs

Wattage - A hair dryer with a higher wattage allows you to dry your hair faster. Higher wattage means greater power. If you use a hair dryer with insufficient energy, you may need to spend 1 hour to dry your hair and end up being sleepy. The best hair dryers trusted by stylists have powered up to 3,600, and of course, they are also more expensive. Therefore, it is important to choose a hair dryer with appropriate power.


Heat and power adjustment - Best hair dryer you need should easily be adjusted between various heat and power for different purposes. The lower heating setting is generally used for shaping which can protect your hair from damage, while the higher heat setting of the while can be used to dry the hair quickly.

What attachments it comes with- most common accessory is a nozzle that smoothes the hair while it can concentrate airflow. Diffuser with hairdryer is applied to the curls to keep the perfect curling.



RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Hair Dryer

 RUSK Engineering Speed Freak Professional Hair Dryer.jpg

The Rusk hair dryer is a professional 2000 watt dryer that provides powerful energy and makes it more efficient than other common hair dryers allowing you drying your hair in less than half the time of other normal dryers. Your hair will be dried faster with this best hair dryer and is left to be shiny and smooth.


Surprisingly, it blows air through faster rather than hotter to reach an extremely fast drying effect so that your hair won't be damaged by burning. In addition, this high-quality blow dryer helps to enhance retention and suppleness by injecting ceramic and tourmaline to emit natural ion reflective.


RUSK is quiet when working and is designed ergonomically. When you grasp it with fingers wrapped around the handle, you can easily reach the on/off button. There are multiple heat settings offering you the obvious difference between the Hot, Warm, and Cool settings. With the slight movement of fingers, you are allowed to switch the settings from cold to hot.


The professional and quiet hair dryer is suitable for hair of any length and style. But there are some complains focusing on the slightly heavier weight and longer nozzle that will be a little difficult to handle.


Powerful and quiet

Drying time reduces

Flattens hair smoothly

Different heat settings


12.8 ounces, heavier than other blow dryers

The nozzle is a little bit long



KIPOZI Quiet Hair Dryer (Low Noise)

KIPOZI Quiet Hair Dryer.jpg

KIPOZI has reinvented his wildly popular 1875W Hair Dryer into a quieter, faster version. This quiet hair dryer uses the revolutionary Nano Ionic technology to keep your hair shiny and silky-smooth while its 1875w motor provides more energy to allow your hair to be dried quickly. This air conditioner is configured with 2 speeds and 3 heat settings and the air flow is just perfect when you choose different heat and speed settings.


It comes with 3 attachments as the bonus, a diffuser for hair of natural curls and waves, a concentrator for styling on straight and ALCI safety plug for ensuring safety. if you have thick curls I suggest you buy this quiet hair dryer with the diffuser to get that curl look.



Friendly for curly and frizzy hair

Leave hair shiny and smooth

Attachments work well

Quiet and the performance is exceptional


It weights little

Conair Vagabond Compact Travel Hair Dryer


Conair Vagabond travel hair dryer

Conair Vagabond Compact Hair Dryer.jpg

With the dimension of 3 x 4.25 x 7.625 inches, Conair Vagabond travel hair dryer is compact and perfect for travel, you can easily put it in your suitcase when there is not much room in your suitcase. This travel hair dryer weights in 0.93 pounds so it’s portable.


This 1600-watt travel hair dryer has less energy than the best hair dryers listed, but the power of this travel hair dryer is sufficient enough for your basic needs. Because of the compact size, regular long nozzles may can't be used to control where the blowing is going.


The ergonomic housing makes the dryer easier to grip and comfortable. There are 2 heating settings. If you want a travel hair dryer, it’s the perfect one for you.


Compact and portable


Not powerful enough for thick hairs



Here in this article, we list 3 best hair dryers including professional hair dryer, quiet hair dryer, and compact travel dryer, though there must be something we missing and not being incorporated.


If you like the article, please give us reflection.


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