Top 4 Laptop Stand Options To Buy

Author:Ameenah | TIME:September 20,2018

Laptops are widely used at work because of its portability. However, the monitor of the laptop is different from that of a desktop computer. People have to bend down to clearly see the screen when it is placed on the desk or their laps, which will cause eyestrain or neck pain. In order to solve these problems, people began to use a laptop stand for desk to raise their notebooks.

A laptop stand would help to adjust the monitor to the proper position for sitting or standing. Monitor at the proper level will make elbow and spinal comfortable when typing on the laptop keyboard. Moreover, an ergonomic laptop stand will prevent the screen glare, thus releasing eyestrain. Laptop stand not only does good to human health but also the laptop itself. Raising up the notebook with a laptop cooling pad will drive the air circulation beneath the laptop so as to keep it cool. Some laptop stands are even equipped with advanced functions such as USB port, cable management system or desktop organizer. What laptop stand should you buy? Here is the answer.

Part 1. Best Adjustable Laptop Stand 

AmazonBasics Adjustable Laptop Stand

AmazonBasics Ventilated Adjustable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand for desk is featured with ventilated mesh and adjustable stand. The whole metal mesh panel measures 11 inches long, 7.2 inches wide. The metal mesh panel works with the tilted design to avoid potential risk, from heat concentration, poorer performance to breakdown by absorbing and distributing heat when the laptop is working. You could adjust the angle between 12 to 35 degree,up to 13 inches high so as to make it suitable for browsing or typing. There are 6 slots as cable organizers as to keep your desktop clean and tidy.


Executive Office Portable Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is designed for desk, bed or anywhere else as it could be adjusted to any angle or position. It allows a 360-degree rotation, easy folding up and convenient carrying around. It is so versatile that you could use it as a dinner table, bookshelf, desk and of course, laptop stand. The laptop tray, made of aluminum, is thick and durable to support your laptop. There is a side tray clipping to the laptop cooling pad for your mouse, mobile phone or any accessory. This adjustable laptop stand could be lifted up to 20 inches with non-slip rubber attached to the feet so that it could stand sturdily. There are two built-in CPU cooling fans powered by USB connection to the laptop. When you are working or surfing online, the two fans will quietly cool down your computer to avoid breakdown without bothering you. 

Part 2. Best Non-adjustable Laptop Stand 

Lamicall Laptop Stand

Lamicall Laptop Stand

Lamicall Laptop tray is wide enough to accommodate up to 17 inches, including MacBooks, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and so forth. The whole body is made of thick aluminum which is sturdy and fashionable. The rubber pad on the tray not only prevents your laptop from sliding but also raises it higher for ventilation so as to avoid overheating. There is also anti-skid design at the bottom of the base to provide extra protection. The ergonomic design will raise the monitor to the eye level so as to prevent eyestrain and neck pain. The axis connecting the tray and the base could be rotated at 360 degrees for the convenience of showing the screen to people around you at meetings or presentation. Lamicall guarantees a 12-month refund or replacements warranty so as to spare you trouble in purchase.

HUANUO Laptop Stand

HUANUO Laptop Stand 

This laptop stand is covered by power coated steel with holes on the panel, thus driving air circulation and keeping the device cool. It raises the monitor up by 4 inches, generally suitable for eye level. The 14-in panel is able to accommodate most ipads, notebooks or printers. The steel structure and anti-skid legs make it sturdy enough to support up to 44 pounds. As it raises the laptop up, there leaves a large storage space under the platform where you could put files, mobiles phones or other office accessories. Then you will have a clean and tidy desktop. Although you have to install the laptop stand by yourself, you just need to fasten screws with the wrench, which is easy and convenient.

As we have to spend most of our time working in front of the computer, a proper and comfortable posture is of great importance. If you are looking for a laptop stand to release you from health problems as well as to prolong the lifespan of your laptop, we hope that the list above would help.


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