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Mosquitoes are acknowledged to be the cause of many diseases, especially malaria which is one of the most deadly diseases around the world. Human beings hate mosquitoes. I bet that almost everyone has been woken up in the midnight by buzzing mosquitoes. The most effective way to stop mosquitoes from spreading diseases is to kill them.

People have been fighting with these tiny but annoying insects and studying how to kill mosquitoes for centuries. The time when you have to swat them has gone. Mosquito killer is not only effective in killing mosquitoes but also prevent your hands from getting dirty. As technology advances, people also focus on applying high-tech methods to kill them effectively and mosquito killer thus develops.

There are a large number of mosquito killer products available on the market, from mosquito killer spray, mosquito killer racket to mosquito killer trap or mosquito killer lamp. In this passage, we will pick out the best mosquito killer of different types.

Part 1. Best Mosquito Killer Racket

#1 Elucto Electric Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer


Mosquito killer racket is a perfect alternative to your hands in killing mosquitoes or flies. If you used to use mosquito spray, we also recommend you to change to a racket. The spray could provide an unpleasant or even poisonous smell, which is not suitable for family use, BBQ or picnic outdoors.

This mosquito killer racket is powered by two included AA batteries so that you don’t need to hit your target heavily. Just get your racket close to the bug gently. Once it touches the electric panel, it will be burned to death.

It is easy to operate even for the old or children. Just press the button and it will start working, but remember to tell your kids away from the electric racket.

Manufacturers provide consumers with a one-year warranty.

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Part 2. Best Mosquito Killer Lamp for Outdoor Use

Have you ever learned of how to kill mosquitoes with a mosquito killer lamp? Mosquito killer lamps kill the mosquitoes by attracting it to the electric grid with the lamp or some attractant. This method is quite eco-friendly as there is no harmful substance residue.

#2 Flowtron BK-15D Electronic Mosquito Killer, 1/2 Acre 


This mosquito killer consists of a lamp that gives out UV light and an electric killing grid. Once plugged in, it will kill insects within 1/2 acre.

The 15-watt bulb is bright enough to attract mosquitoes and even illuminate your yard or night path. In order to gain the best results, the manufacturer suggests changing it every 30 days.

This mosquito killer lamp is designed for outdoor use, so please do not apply it in your house. The polycarbonate construction allows the mosquito killer to resist wind, rain, rust, crack or fade even if it is placed outdoors.

Manufacturers provide consumers with a two-year warranty.

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Part 3. Best Mosquito Killer Lamp for Indoor Use

#3 LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Mosquito Killer Mosquito


This mosquito killer lamp gives out 365 nm wavelength which has been proved to be the most attractive to bugs. Flies, mosquitoes or other insects can resist the natural viewing wavelength. They would be killed once getting close. There is cage wiring to prevent people or pets from contacting the electric grid accidentally. The wire chain allows you to hang up the mosquito killer to save space and make it visible.

When using it for some time, you could remove the collection tray to clean the dead insect, but remember to shut it off beforehand.

The 2800V grid is powerful enough to replace all the other mosquito killers, especially the poisonous spray. It is safe for household or indoor use, including kitchens, restaurants, hospitals and so forth.

There comes 2 bulbs for replacement. Manufacturers guarantee an outstanding 3-year warranty policy.

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Not only do mosquitoes do harm to our health, the buzzing noise also bothers us in sleeping, working or studying. When it comes to how to kill mosquitoes, mosquito killer is absolutely necessary. No matter mosquito killer racket or mosquito killer you decide to buy, we believe that the best mosquito killer should be the most suitable one. It’s high time that we took action to kill those annoying bugs and leaves us a peaceful life.  


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