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Author:Max | TIME:March 05,2019

Putting a desktop aquarium on your desk can help your eyes. When you are tired of looking at the files for a long time staring at the computer screen, you can transfer your horizons to the cute little fish on the small aquarium. Your eyes will relax and your work pressure will decrease.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, adding a small aquarium to your office can increase productivity. Another thing has been confirmed by researchers that marine life has a positive effect on patients with some diseases. Some symptoms of hypertensive patients, insomniacs, and people with high levels of work stress can be improved.

Of course, the aquarium is not only suitable for office use, but also for the home environment. If you are also looking for a desktop aquarium or mini aquarium, read on and you can find out what is the best aquarium for your office and home.

Tetra 3 Gallon Desktop Aquarium

Tetra 3 Gallon Desktop Aquarium.jpg

Tetra 3 gallon LED cube desktop aquarium kit is perfect for any small space. You can place it in the office, kitchen, dormitory, classroom. Tetra 3i filters help keep the tank clean. And this desktop aquarium is equipped with LED lights, you can check your fish.

Transparent plastic does not find small glass particles on the ground due to breakage. A transparent frame can give you a better view for the lovely fishes.

The feeding hole is placed at the top of it and you can easily open the small aquarium for feeding and cleaning. It is 10 inches wide, 10 inches deep and 10.5 inches high. There is a base at the bottom.


  • A modern look

  • 9 independent LEDs

  • There is a 3i power filter

  • Use your own low-voltage power adapter

  • It doesn't take up too much space

  • It is easy to install and the water remains clear

  • Plastic material is very light

  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • The filter is broken

  • Comfortably accommodate another filter

  •  Not equipped with a betta heater

  • Its pump is very loud


Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Small Aquarium

Lightahead Artificial Tropical Fish Small Aquarium.jpg

If you want to enjoy tropical fish in your office, then this Lightahead desktop aquarium will allow you to feel the colorful ocean world and you won't have to feel sorry for the fish trapped in a closed space. You only need to look at these little colorful fish on the office table and watch them swimming when you feel pressured.

In addition, this artificial tropical fish aquarium is designed for people who have no time and energy to take care of the fish because there is no need for maintenance at all.

The small aquarium is ideal for children's rooms. The moving picture creates the illusion of movement of water and tropical fish. All the children will love it. You can also use it as a night light, which helps you and your child get to sleep better.


  • Bright and colorful

  • No maintenance required

  • Great night light for children room

  • Very easy to install

  • Operated by the AC adapter allows for low power consumption.

  •  Approximately 12 x 10 inches, small size


  • Bad bulb quality


Aqueon Mini Aquarium Kit 2.5 Gallon 

Aqueon Mini Aquarium Kit 2.5 Gallon .jpg

The Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kit is the ideal aquarium for beginners. The 2.5-gallon capacity makes this small aquarium suitable for placement in any small space, such as office environments, desktops, and dormitories.


This is a very popular aquarium among Betta fish owners. Incandescent bulbs can generate a lot of heat, which is ideal for betta fish that prefer warm water. But you are likely to experience tank temperature problems if you plan to use it for fish other than bettas.

This mini 2.5-gallon tank is equipped with a hood and mini filter. The feeding hood is great, and the light is bright.

The package contains everything you need to set up an aquarium, including lighting, water handlers, filter replacement, and fish food.


  • Mini aquarium

  • Perfect size for my betta, Bruce,

  • All necessities for setting are included

  • Plastic material suitable for children

  • Bright light


  • Noisy filter



The small aquarium can be placed in the office as a beautiful ornament, and it can also have a calming effect on you and your customers. Above is desktop aquarium review. If you have already thought about your favorite little aquarium, the next step is to add fish to your tank. In general, the desktop aquarium is perfect for Betta Fish, Shrimp, Snail, Frog, Goldfish (minimum 5 gallons).

Here is a suggestion for novices, because the room in our office and home is not the temperature all year round, if you have the betta fish, you need a heater. The water temperature for goldfish is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, they are likely to feel difficult to adjust. The water temperature has little effect on shrimp and snails.


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