Best Portable Projector for Family Entertainment

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If you have been dreaming of sharing pictures and videos with your friends on a large screen or you would like to enjoy watching movies outdoors, a portable projector would satisfy your needs while a full-sized projector, designed for office or domestic use, costs more and takes up more space.

Portable projector or mini projector is lightweight and compact for presentation on a business trip or as a home theatre in small apartments or outdoors. Despite compact size, a mini projector usually works as well as a common one which is also compatible with all kinds of devices, such as cameras, smartphones, DVD players or laptops. Powered by, it projects pictures and videos through laser or LED lights. Therefore, you could not expect it to keep working all the time because it would run out of power sometimes, but it is still sufficient for those who are always on the go.

If you haven’t made a decision about what to buy, you should move on to see our best portable projector reviews.

Part 1. How To Choose a Portable Projector

  • Resolution

Generally speaking, in order to produce the clearest pictures, you should match your projector’s native resolution with your pictures. However, a mini projector could accept a limited range of resolutions and it has to scale down to their native resolution, so you just need to make sure that your portable projector could read what you are going to display.

  • Brightness

Many people misunderstand that the projector should be the brighter the better. Actually, when you take a portable mini projector around, the suitable brightness depends on where you are going to do a presentation.

When you use it in a dark room of common size, maximum 100 lumens or 200 lumens is enough because it won’t make your eyes feel uncomfortable.

  • Connection

How and what you plan to connect to your portable projector matters. Most projectors are equipped with SVGA and composite connectors. You have to make sure that there are sufficient ports to be compatible with your various devices. 

Part 2. What is the Best Portable Projector

DR.J Portable Projector

Vankyo Portable Projector

DBPOWER Portable Projector

native resolution

840 X 480

aspect ratio


contrast ratio



lamp life

40000 hours

/50000 hours

screen size



projection distance

3.3ft to 16.4ft

4.9ft to 16.4ft4.9ft to 16.4ft


built-in stereo surrounding 


stereo sound

surrounding subwoofer


five layers

/six layers
cooling system

dual fans

/dual fans




*DR.J Professional Portable Projector 

DR.J Professional Portable Projector

DR. J Professional portable projector is ranked as the best seller on Amazon which aims to provide you with extreme video watching experience in the dark either indoors or outdoors.

Featuring a highest native resolution of 840 X 480, this mini projector supports resolution of 1920 * 1080, aspect ratio of 4:3/16:9 and contrast ratio of 2000:1.

The powerful compatibility allows you to connect a variety of devices to it including smartphones, tablets, PS players, computers, fire sticks, earphones, USB, SD card and hard disks. Measuring 7.8 x 2.7 x 6inches, you could easily bring it on a trip, take it to parties or just leave it at home.

The high-quality lamp could run as long as 4000 hours. That is to say, even if you play it for 10 hours per day, you don’t have to replace a new lamp in the following 10 years. The mini projector could project to 32"-170" from the distance of 1m to 5m while the ideal display is 120”.

With a built-in stereo surround speaker, the projector strives to restore to the original sound so as to bring you the most wonderful viewing experience. Moreover, the five-layer LCD lens produces the clearest frames wherever you see.

When you are watching movies, the dual fan system quietly cools down your portable projector so as to keep it healthy while it does not bother you.


*Vankyo Leisure 3 Upgraded 2400 LED Portable Projector 

Vankyo Leisure 3 Upgraded 2400 LED Portable Projector

This is another best portable projector recommended on Amazon. VANKYO LEISURE 3 could provide brighter images than other projectors. Featured with +60% rightness, 1920x1080 native resolution, 2000:1 aspect ratio, VANKYO portable projector is definitely a perfect choice of domestic entertainment.

By connecting it to your smartphones, laptops, tablets, PS, or wifi, you could stay with your families or friends to enjoy movies, pictures, football match or even playing games, which is wonderful for gatherings and parties.

The screen size range ranks from 32” to 176” with the projection distance between 4.9ft to 16.4ft, but the recommended distance is 6.5 feet.

This projector is compatible with fire TV stick, laptop, DVD, PS3, Xbox, TV box through HDMI input, with PC through VGA port and with TV and video player through AV port. It would start to work once plugged in.

The dual-speaker design ensures a stereo sound while the Uno fan prevents annoying noise.

There comes along with a customized bag to accommodate the mini projector and the remote control, which is quite convenient for storage and traveling. If you take it to the part, you could also put it on the tripod, but the tripod is not included.


*DBPOWER Portable Projector

DBPOWER Portable Projector

DBPOWER portable projector provides 70% brighter and 50% clearer image with 6-layer HD wide-angle lens, which is definitely the first choice of home entertainment.

The dual-fan cooling system prevents the projector from getting overheated while the noise suppression technology reduces the noise by 60%.

The long-lasting lamp could run 50,000 hours, which spares you the trouble of replacing lamp for the following 20 years.

Equipped with the newest speaker, this projector produces surrounding subwoofer so as to make you feel like being personally on the scene.

With the high resolution of 1080p, it could provide 32”-180” screen from the distance of 1.5-5m while 1.8-2.0m is the best.

It supports connection to the laptop, smartphone, tablet, USB, DVD player, Fire TV Stick and Xbox. When you connect it to the smartphone, Wi-Fi display dongle or HDMI adapter is required, but the adapter is not included. 



Mini projector makes watching movies a wonderful experience which is suitable for families and parties. We conduct this best portable projector review so as to make your life more colorful.


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