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The doorbell is a common home security supplies which reminds us of the presence of a visitor. The past century has witnessed the great changes of the doorbell, from mechanical doorbell activated by a pulling cord to wired doorbell to today's wireless doorbell. As modern technology gets mature, wireless products have now become more advanced and reliable. For those who are now using wired doorbell, they might be struggling about whether they should replace it with a wireless door bell. Here is some basic knowledge about them.

Part 1. Wireless Doorbell Vs Wired Doorbell

  • Wiring

Powered by batteries or electricity, the wireless doorbell requires no wiring which is extremely easy and convenient for installation. It allows you to set it up at any place, such as the basement or attic where there is no electricity.

Whereas, wired doorbell requires complicated wiring. Sometimes you have to turn to a professional technician.

If you do not want to drill holes in your new house, wireless doorbell could be the best alternative.

  • Compatibility

Some of the wireless doorbells are compatible with several receivers at the same time, which is convenient for several-story houses.

As for wired ones, even if they could work with several receivers, it could also be difficult and complicated to arrange wiring.

  • Coverage

Nowadays, signals given by a wireless doorbell have improved to cover a wide range from 150 to 1,000 square feet, which is sufficient for most families.

If you do have an extra large house, extenders (additional receivers) are available to spread signals while wired doorbell requires complicated wiring work.

  • Advanced features

Some wireless doorbells are equipped with advanced features so as to increase convenience and security.

For example, the night vision function or camera allows you to see who’s visiting even in the dark. You could even talk to a stranger standing outside through the interphone so that you could decide whether you should open the door.

The WIFI connection allows for remote control.

For the hearing impaired, a smart wireless doorbell could flash to remind that there is someone visiting them.  

Part 2. Best Wireless Doorbell Options

#1 SadoTech Model C Wireless Doorbell 

SadoTech Wireless Doorbell

This is the best wireless doorbell recommended by Amazon which is an original classic C series wireless doorbell from SadoTech.

Certified by CE, FCC,RoHS, this doorbell covers wider than 500 square feet. Ranking at the IP33 protection level, it is also suitable for outdoor use, covering an area of 1000 square feet in the open air.

The installation of this wireless doorbell requires no tools. You could stick it to the wall, ceiling or door with the included double-sided sticker, anchors and screws.

There comes along with 1 plugin receiver and 1 remote transmitter button. Just plug the main receiver into an outlet and it would start to work. If you need more transmitters or receivers for more doors or floors, you could turn to the customer service line.

The receiver is featured with a quality audio speaker. By adjust to 4 volume levels, the speaker would remind you even if you are far away from it or you have difficulty in hearing clearly.

With 52 chimes or melodies preset, you could customize your favorite sound when someone rings your doorbell.

There is a unique radio frequency code printed at the back of the receiver which has been present in the factory in case that your doorbell rings when someone visiting your neighborhood.

SadoTech wireless doorbell could also be installed inside a building or a room as an alert device. For example, you could set it up at the bedside of a patient for asking for help, which is bound to make their life easier.


#2 TeckNet Wireless Doorbell

TeckNet Wireless Doorbell

TeckNet wireless doorbell provides 1 plugin receiver and 1 battery powered transmitter.

The receiver is featured with sound and LED indicator. When someone presses the transmitter, the receiver flashes and rings. With 32 melodies preset, you could choose your favorite sound. The volume ranges from 25 to 85db.

This doorbell works in an area of up to 820 square feet or an open air of 1000 square feet. You won’t miss any visitor even if you live in a large apartment. The IP33 protection allows you to install the weatherproof and waterproof push button outdoors freely.

As this wireless doorbell requires no wiring, it takes you a few minutes to install it. You just need to stick the transmitter to a suitable place with double-sided tape and plug the receiver in a standard outlet. Remember to choose an independent frequency code from the 64,000 codes so as to prevent interference from other users.


#3 AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell

AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell provides 2 plugin receivers, able to cover a long distance of up to 1312 feet, which is suitable for big house, offices, factories, hospitals or any other large buildings. You could order extra receivers if you need.

Our stereo speaker produces CD-level crisp sound. Whenever your friend visits, the melodious sound would also cheer you up. By pressing the Next or Previous button, you could choose your favorite ringtones among the 52 melodies. The memory function would maintain the setting even after it runs out of power, so you don’t have to go through all 52 melodies again.

Powered by CR2032 lithium battery, the transmitter could last as long as 3 years, which spares you the trouble of constantly replacing a new one. The IP55 dustproof and waterproof transmitter could resist extreme weather when installing outdoors.

Passing the certification of FCC,CE and RoHS, the manufacturer promises to refund within 45 days and provide a 3-year warranty.



Are you still guessing who's knocking your door? Are you troubled by wiring with a wired doorbell? Time to change a wireless doorbell, which would definitely add convenience to your life.


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