Car Air Freshener-Big NO to Odor

Author:Ameenah | TIME:October 09,2018

People love preparing air fresheners in every corner of their home, but what about cars? Car air freshener is also necessary because it could drive unpleasant smell away that would make people inside the car feel uncomfortable.

The air conditioner in the car could cool you down. However, as air conditioner works in a confined space, the stench of sweat, body odor, and the stinking fumes accumulate. The annoying smell would make you feel dizzy and sick. Luckily, air freshener for car could refresh the air in your car.  

There are many types of car air freshener products available in the market, such as spray, air purifying bag and plug-in freshener. If you have no idea about which one to buy, we have picked out the best car air freshener of each type for you.

#1 Best Car Air Freshener Spray

Chemical Car Air Freshener 

Chemical Car Air Freshener

Car air freshener spray is held in a pressurized can. You just need to spray it and it will function immediately.  

Chemical Guys car air freshener is made up from unique fragrances, aiming to make your car smell like a new one. This car air freshener will keep reminding you of the exciting feeling when you have just received your new car by purifying the air in your car. Once you spray it in your car, the active enzymes will seek out where the odor comes from and eliminate it. The optimal perfume makes the fresh air last for weeks at each spray and each spray would be able to cover the whole car.

This air freshener for car is concentrated. It will still function well even if you dilute it with up to 2 gallons of distilled water. 

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#2 Best Car Air Freshener Gel

Bright Air 900090 Solid Car Air Freshener 

Bright Air 900090 Solid Car Air Freshener

This gel car air freshener measures 14oz that could drive odors away and bring you a fresh and cool feeling.

Before you use it, remove the liner and change the cover and it will keep working all day long for 60 days. Placing it near a fan or ventilated places would produce a better effect.

This gel car air freshener, extracted from plants, contains no harmful chemicals like phthalates, triclosan or BHT but natural fragrances.

Recyclable and BPA free plastic container is also reusable

It is applicable to remove all kinds of smells caused by food residue, pets, smoke, etc. Therefore, in addition to the car, you could leave in any indoor places like kitchen, bathroom, offices or anywhere else.

There is a variety of flavors available, such as apple, lavender, peach, lemon and so forth. You must find what you need.

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#3 Best Car Air Freshener Bag

Moso Natural Car Air Freshener  

Moso Natural Car Air Freshener

If you are worrying that chemical car air freshener might do harm to your health, odor absorber bag could be an ideal alternative. Moso Natural purifying bag is ranked as the best car air freshener. It is suitable for not only cars but also cabinet, bathroom or anywhere that has bacteria, allergens, moisture, or harmful pollutants, covering areas of up to 90 square feet.

This car air freshener is made up of linen bag and 100% bamboo charcoal filled inside. It prevents moisture and germs from growing by absorbing extra water because they love living in the humid environment. The bamboo charcoal absorbs and removes odors, allergens, harmful pollutants and even stubborn smell caused by smoke, pets’ excreta, sweaty shoes or T-shirt and so on.

It is suggested to put the car air freshener bag under the sun for an hour every month and it could be reused and last for 2 years. It is also the best car air freshener for taking along with you. 

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#4 Best Car Air Freshener - Ionic Freshener 

FRiEQ Ionic Car Air Freshener 

FRiEQ Ionic Car Air Freshener

This car air freshener is more advanced in purifying the air in your car as it applies ionic technology to fight against odor. Instead of simply covering the unpleasant smell, this car air freshener improve air quality by breaking the structure of the particle. It releases 4.8 million negative ions per cm³ in your car. Compact as it is, it is powerful enough in removing the smell of cigarette and sweat and neutralizing moisture, germs, or other pollutants.

This air freshener for car consists of a silver cover and blue LED lights, fashionable and perfect to decorate your car while providing you with a comfortable environment.

You just need to plug it in the 12V cigarette lighter or adaptor and it will quietly do the following things for you. 

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As we have introduced different types of car air freshener options above, we would like you to think carefully about your real need and pick out the best car air freshener for yourself. No matter which air freshener for car you choose, we wish you enjoy your trip in a comfortable driving environment.


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