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Cats like to stay at home, but sometimes you have to take it out. For example, you have to take it to the vet. You want to take it to a friends’ gathering or on a family trip. Then you need cat carriers so as to make it convenient to carry your cat and make your cat feel comfortable and secure in a strange place.

Part 1. Things to Consider Before Buying A Cat Carrier

  • How large the cat carrier should be?

Cat carriers should be 1.5 times the size of the cat so that there is enough space for your pet to lie down, stand up and turn, but not too large to make them feel insecure.

  •  What should the cat carrier be made of?

Taking your cat out requires the cat carrier to be durable and sturdy with large weight capacity. Therefore, a nylon or plastic carrier is favored to make sure that the bottom does not sag.

whereas, cardboard boxes are not recommended because cats love scratching by nature. They can easily destroy the box and would possibly run away from the broken box. In addition, the cardboard box is not waterproof. Once it rains or the cat pees, cardboard boxes will get damaged.

If you have to use a cardboard box, find a one, put a thick blanket or towel at the bottom, and cut a few holes for your cat to breathe.

  •  Choose a well-ventilated cat carrier.

The best cat carrier should be equipped with openings or windows on both sides in order to prevent the cat from overheating or suffocating inside the carrier.

  •  Choose a carrier that can open from the top to make your cat easier to get in and out. The vet can also check the cat from the top without taking it out.

Part 2. What Cat Carrier to Choose?

#1 Petyella Cat Carrier 


Petyella aims to provide your pet with a luxury tour. It measures 11 x 11 x 18 inches for pets up to 11 pounds. Both sides could be extended to be 31 x 11 x 18 inches, large enough to carry an adult cat.

The steel frame makes the cat kennel sturdy and durable. There are leash clips inside the carrier help to secure your animal. The 600D polyester exterior shell is easy to clean. If you accidentally get it stained, just wipe it with a wet cloth, which is quite convenient for a trip.

The polyester is also one kind of ventilated material that makes your cat feel at ease inside the carrier. The opening on the top makes it easy for your cat to go in and out.

The package includes a fleece blanket, a collapsible bowl and a shoulder strap. The blanket which is machine washable makes your cat warm and cozy to stay inside. The collapsible bowl, made of non-toxic silicone, is also dishwasher friendly. When you take your pets out with a bowl inside the carrier, you don’t need to worry about how to feed them.

This cat kennel is welcomed by some specific flights of many airlines like American airline, Delta, United, etc. If you are not satisfied with the cat carrier, you could have all your money back. 


#2 AmazonBasics Two-Door Cat Carrier


AmazonBasics pet kennel, measuring 19 x 12 x 10 inches, could be used to carry cats, dogs or other pets.

Made from durable plastic, the two-door cat litter has a steel wire that provides adequate ventilation on the sides, top and back. It is safe and stable, and you can observe the pet through the vents. There are doors in the front and on the top. Your cat could choose which door he/she would like to enter.

The top door allows you to open it from the left or right. After pulling one of the two black handles forward, lift the door and swing to the other side. Once your cat enters the cat kennel, you could carry it with the handle on the top. Four latches along with included screws snap and secure the top and the bottom. You don’t have to worry about the breakdown of the cat carrier.

The front door consists of steel wire so that it allows your cat to look outside. There is a spring-loaded latch on the front door of the kennel. By pinching together the top and bottom levers of the latch and pulling forward, the front door will open.

This cat carrier has been proved to be taken on the airplane. Some complain that the top lid would get insecure after a long-time use.


#3 PetLuv Happy Cat Carrier  


PetLuv aims to make this cat carrier a luxury cat apartment. It weighs 8.8 pounds and measures 24” x 16” x 16”,larger than ordinary cat carriers.

The mesh design all over makes the carrier extremely ventilated. Your cat could see the what’s around him/her while you could observe him/her through the mesh. If you want it to have a good rest, you could close the flaps to cover the mesh. Both the mesh and the flaps are made of durable rubber that could resist tear even if you cat scratches it.

Both the four panels and the top opening allow you to get the cat in and out effortless. There are carrying handles on the top. If you want to release your hands, just use the shoulder straps to carry it and you could adjust it to proper length. The package includes a plushy bed that you could remove it for a wash.

There are seatbelt loops for fixing the cat carrier in the car. The locking zippers and reinforced seam add extra safety to take it out in the car or airplane.

Great for car rides thanks to the adjustable seatbelt loops, and includes locking zippers and reinforced seams for added safety



There are several ways to take your cat out, but we believe that preparing a cat carrier for your furry friend is necessary because it could make your cat feel secure and comfortable even in unfamiliar surroundings. The cat kennel options above could also be used as a cat house at home if you like. 


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