8 Ways To Build Minimalist Bedroom - Bedroom Storage Ideas

Author:Ameenah | TIME:February 25,2019

When life gets busy, people get lazier and lazier to organize their life. Gradually, things accumulate in the corner; bedding begins to fade; and you keep being tripped down by the scattered things in your bedroom.

Clutters would distract you and even depress you. Living in a messy room not only makes life less convenient but also makes you less efficient and more bad-tempered. 

clutter room

Nowadays, minimalist bedroom gains momentum as people start to realize the importance to keep their room simple and tidy.

You might be wonder how could you fulfill the dream of a minimalist bedroom as they have so many things in their bedroom. Come on! Don’t make things so complicated. Maybe you just need a layer of coating, some necessary accessories or whatever. All these start with bedroom storage.

To build a minimalist bedroom does not mean that you have a few things at home. In fact, what you need to do it not simply throw away everything. All you need is some wonderful bedroom storage ideas. Now, let’s get down to our bedroom storage. 

1. Decide what you need

Clearing up your bedroom is essential before you start bedroom storage. During this process, you have to figure out what you really need.

The principle of the minimalist bedroom is to keep the most essential things. If you keep too many items in your room, it actually adds burden to bedroom storage and organization.

You might believe that you might need some certain things someday and you keep it, but the fact is that if you haven’t used it for several weeks, you would never use it. So, please make up your mind to throw it away. Next time when you really want to buy something, think twice before you buy by asking yourself if it is really a must-have.

2. Keep colors in harmony

Colors have great influence on space. A minimalist bedroom should be in harmonious colors. Keep the colors of your wall, furniture and decoration unified. Gray, white and black are classic and common colors. You could also try some bright and sharp ones, but it is suggested not to apply more than 3 colors.  

minimalist bedroom

Colorful bedroom seems attractive and cheerful for children's room or playroom, but never for minimalists. You don’t have to make a minimalist bedroom a palette.

minimalist bedroom

3. Create wonderful lights

Lights help to create warm and romantic atmosphere at home. You could choose string lights for decoration.

If you have got used to bedtime reading, you could also try a simplistic floor lamp.

4. Take advantage of the vertical space

Whether you live in a large home or not, extra storage space is always welcome. In order to save more space on the ground, you could take advantage of the vertical space and that’s exactly what stackable storage bins do.

It is obvious that stacking boxes up takes up less space than leaving them lay flat.

stackable storage bins

storage bins

5. Make full use of every corner

Here we come to the bedroom storage ideas for the minimalist bedroom. If you like to make your bedroom look as large as possible, it is suggested to make full use of every corner around it.

For example, corners are considered one of the annoying places for house decoration because it is it is difficult to put large cabinets or tables in the corner. However, it is also wasteful to leave the small corners idle. Why not try corner shelf which is more compact and lightweight. You could put some small gadgets on it. 

corner shelf

6. Make your bed look simple

A simple bed assists to make a minimalist bedroom. Remember to leave as few things as possible on your bed, such as 1-2 pillows and a blanket.

Put away all the other things in your closet, under your bed or wherever else.

7. Seek bed storage

The bed occupies the largest areas in the bedroom, but have you ever thought of digging out storage space on and around your bed?

For example, if thereares any vacant areas under your bed, you could put some flat storage bins.

under-bed storage

If your bed stay close to the ground, there are magic bed risers that help to raise your bed or other furniture so that you would have extra under-bed storage space.

bed risers

There is another ultimate bedroom storage idea - change your bed. Nowadays, storage bed has become another fashion among those who live in small apartments. We hope that it helps you build your minimalist bedroom. 

 storage bed

8. Arrange a carpet

A large whole colored carpet is a great match with the minimalist bedroom. It sets the overall tone of your room and helps to divide a specific recreational zone in your room. You could snap, read or watch movies in this zone. 

minimalist bedroom


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