Zinus 14-inch Cot Size Bed Frame(30” x 75”)

  • 14 inches high with 13 inches of Clearance under the frame for valuable under bed storage space
  • Eliminates the Need for a traditional box Spring and bed frame
  • Compact design allows for tight spaces such as staircases and doorways
  • Sturdy Steel structure protects your mattress by providing strong level support
  • Requires the use of SmartBase headboard brackets to connect to a headboard

The Zinus SmartBase, in new cozy Narrow Twin size, is an innovative mattress foundation by Zinus. No need for a box spring and a traditional frame, enjoy strong, sturdy support for your Narrow Twin size, cot size mattress (sold separately) with the SmartBase. The SmartBase provides strong steel support, easy setup and 13 inches of clearance for under bed storage. Worry free 5 year limited warranty. Another comfort innovation from Zinus.

A retired Marine gunnery sergeant now at 285 lbs. 69 yrs young and as we say in the Corps :no longer lean but still mean, semper fi. I bought a town house 5 yrs back and as a golfer lower backs are common so I bought a platform bed so I would be lower to the floor when getting up which I felt would take stress off my back. Well last week the bed collapsed, which was made entirely with particle board and cheaply made and was cricking all the time. So I decided to get a metal bed frame that would hold my fat ass and not crick. I'm a guy that researches everything to the 9nth degree whether it be a new vehicle or a loaf of bread. I found the "Zinus 14 inch Smart Mattress" and read that it would hold some 1200pounds! So I, as usual read a ton of reviews. If their claim is correct then it should hold my fat ass up so I ordered one. So here's my closing. It actually arrived super quick, I live in San Diego, California. The majority of reviews I read were mainly about how log it took to assemble and some parts were not included. The parts are simply wing nuts and a couple bolts. I took the reviews as a challenge so I took a quick glance at the instructional diagram and assembled the whole unit in twenty minutes. I would suggest, which I did, is to get four (that's all you need) 1/4 inch lock washers to enhance the security of the wing nuts. So once assembled I said to myself once I put my mattress on it I said to myself" Gunny go for it" so I took a big diver upon it and it was like Heaven! it held my fat ass and my old wavy mattress felt great as well also. However, I AM purchasing a new mid-firm mattress to go with this gem of a Zenus Smart Base. Nothing more to say, the product is exceptional, worth every cent, don't sell it short, it is a must have, LOVE MINE!!

Lemme start by saying, my S.O. and I had our mattress on the floor for the first 3 weeks of moving in to our new place. This meant our brand new sheets, comforter, and a few throw pillows, often frequented the floor; they all picked up dust, dirt, cat hair, etc., the usual day to day messes of life. Stepped on, slipped on, you name it, it probably happened. If you're in this boat, you know, it can be a little frustrating.

I told myself I'd build a box spring, buy a nice bedframe with a headboard, do this right... That was 2.5 weeks after telling myself it would be worth it, looking in local shops for pre built box springs and seeing them for no less than $100, and almost $200 after delivery + taxes.

Well, since I'm here I guess you can imagine how that went. With work, trying to make the apartment feel like home, constantly cleaning and trying to maintain a social life, and without really your own front yard to do the whole building thing, the idea just became a faint whisper. It was around this time I also noticed the closets were a bit cluttered too, but I just told myself, "this was apartment living"

One night, I decided to come to amazon to see if they sell box springs. To my absolute distrust and hesitation, I clicked through some reviews of this platform bedframe. It seemed pretty promising, but some reviews had a couple issues with broken parts and said it felt uncomfortable. I decided to roll the Amazon dice and purchase the platform bedframe.

3 days rolled by and it came, shipped to my apartment and dropped off with a loud "thud" on the front door. The package was heavy and I guess the delivery guy was frustrated from my place being such a frequent stop for him with heavy packages. "Great..." I said, hoping no damage had occurred. The box was pretty beat up too.

I opened it, assembled it (took about 5 minutes of finger tightening wing nuts btw) and plopped the mattress up on it. Thankfully it seemed to survive it's rough journey from the warehouse to my place, I noticed two things immediately:
1.) This was the answer to making the bedroom feel more like a home
2.) There is a ridiculous amount of storage underneath the bed that simply isn't allowed for in closets.

I stuffed as many rarely-used items under the bed as I possibly could, which allowed me to straighten up the closets. I even made room to keep the box to the frame in there, just in case the S.O. didn't like it and we had to send it back.

She came home and also instantly appreciated the look and feel of the bedroom. Needless to say, we did some investigation to see just how loud and sturdy the bedframe is. It's silent, and unmoving! ;)

I threw the box out after 2 nights of sleeping on the bed, confident in my purchase and ready to guide other potential customers with a humongous review on why they should also take the plunge and try it. It seriously is the perfect bedframe for an apartment. You'll be glad you tried it!

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