Kindle E-reader Black, 6" Paper White Display, Wi-Fi access

  • Thinner design - Brand new design brings ultimate feeling when held in hand; Black and white available.
  • Audible feature - With access to the largest audio book library, this Kindle allows you to listen to stories via Bluetooth speaker or headphones.
  • Friendly to eyes - the touchscreen looks like real paper but makes your eyes feel extremely comfortable without glare in bright sun.
  • Long-lasting battery - This e-reader would last for weeks at a full charge, suitable for taking on a trip even if you forget to bring the charger.
  • Large capacity - This Amazon Kindle could accommodate thousands of books; you would definitely find your favorite ones.

Tired of taking out a heavy paper book along with you? Worrying about the limited space to download multiple e-books on your mobile phone? Your eyes get tired after browsing the tablets or smartphones for a while? Fed up with the constant notification of e-mails, messages, calls when reading on your phone? TIME TO TURN TO A AMAZON KINDLE.


Comfortable holding

Kindle is a dedicated e-reader that is designed to provide book lovers with the paper-like reading experience, especially of its extra-thin design.

This Kindle is much thinner than the previous generation so as to make you feel lighter and more comfortable even with one hand. 


Comfortable reading

Traditional e-product screens are usually radioactive. Therefore, our eyes would easily feel tired after long-time browsing.

However, Kindle applies real ink particles proprietary so as to produce the effect similar to a real paper book. All text and images are carefully arranged to make the screen easy on eyes. However, what Kindle is superior to paper books is that it allows you to adjust the brightness of the screen according to different circumstances, such as indoors or outdoors, dim or bright.

Unlike screens of tablets or smartphones, Kindle produces no blue light in the dark or glare in the sun, allowing you to read whenever and wherever. 

Comfortable listening to storytelling

If you really want your eyes to have a rest but would like to read, you could switch to the audio function. Connect the Amazon Kindle to your headphone through Bluetooth and listen to audios of your favorite books.

This hand-free feature would definitely help you enjoy your sunbathing on the beach, taking a long-distance trip. Most importantly, the powerful battery allows it to run for weeks so that you don’t have to worry that your trip would be interrupted by a dead battery. 

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