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Skiing could be one of the most exciting and interesting sports in winter. When you preparing to go skiing, remember to pack your ski goggles. Ski goggles, also known as snow goggles, is of great importance to protect you. It is known to us all that it is of great importance to keep warm as it is colder in the mountains. However, the stronger wind and thick snow would strengthen the sunlight reflection. Reflected sunlight is too glaring, which is too likely to cause damage to people’s eyes. Some choose sunglasses for UV protection, but it is not so suitable for extreme sports like skiing or snowboarding as snow goggles. 

Part 1. Why Wear Ski Goggles

  • To reduce glare

Seeing clearly is important to avoid any accidents. Specialized ski goggles with polarized or dark lens are designed for bright and sunny days which could maximally reduce reflected glare. Some photochromic goggle lenses could even change the way they block sunlight according to the intensity and the amount of sunlight.

  • To strengthen contrast

Contrast is important to help you identify bumps and slopes in front of you. Goggles lenses in amber, brown and rose are ideal to raise contrast because they filter different light waves. Amber lenses are suitable for cloudy days and dim light, brown lenses for all weather and rose lenses for hazy days.

  • To provide protection

Our eyes could get dry and sore in cold and windy days. Ski goggles could prevent particles or blowing wind from hurting your eyes. Clear lenses are enough to keep all things visible while providing protection.

Beginners could easily fall down on the half way. It is likely that they run into trees or stones because of lack of control in speed and direction. Covering eyes with snow goggles could prevent any injury to eyes.  

  • To avoid fall off

People move at high speed when skiing. During this process, common glasses or sunglasses would easily fall off, but ski goggles with soft and elastic frame perfect fit your face and keep it in place. You don’t have to worry that they would fall off on the half way.

Part 2. Best Ski Goggles Options

If you haven’t got one or plan to replace your old one, here we have picked out the best ski goggles for you.

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles 

Ski Goggles

This snow goggles from OutdoorMaster is ranked as the best snow goggles. It is featured with over-the-glasses design, suitable for adults or teenagers with glasses. It could fit glasses up to 5.30” wide and 1.65” tall. With an elastic strap, you could adjust the goggle to fit helmets of any sizes.

The TPU frame makes the ski goggles soft on your face so that you would not get hurt if you hit an obstacle accidentally. The frame is bendable to perfectly fit your face so as to ensure the safety and comfort when skiing or snowboarding.

The 100% UV protective lenses provide VLT(Visible Light Transmission) ranges from 0-90% for different weather conditions. The dual-layer lenses with anti-fog coating prevent nebulization and provide clear vision.

Once you place the order, the manufacturer promises to provide a 1-year warranty.

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Zionor Ski Goggles 

Ski Goggles

Zionor snow goggles are designed for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling or snow sports.

Featuring 3-layer foam on the frame, it covers your eyes tightly so as to keep the cold and wind away from you. The high-density strap allows you to adjust it to helmets of different sizes and people of different ages. It is also friendly to those with glasses because the glasses are perfectly stuck inside the frame.

Applying double-layer lenses, this pair of ski goggles provides 100% UV400 protective vision, so you don’t have to worry about glare.  

The lenses are excellent in anti-scratch and intelligent ventilation so as to ensure fog-free vision, which guarantees your safety on the slope.

Zionor allows you to choose goggles with different VLT for different weather conditions and provides a 1-year warranty.

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Ski Goggles

HUBO OTG (Over The Glasses) ski goggles aims to provide people with extreme comfort and security, especially those with glasses.

This pair of snow goggles is featured with air ventilation holes so as to provide you with fog-free and clear vision.

The dual-layer lenses inside the goggles with a special coating is also resistant to scratches even if you hit into the hard obstacles accidentally.

The goggles measure 7.1” (L) x 14.2”(W) x 3.7”(H) and the lenses measure 8.35”(W) x 3.58”(H).

The stretchable strap with adjustable buckle makes the goggles match with all sizes of helmets for children, teenagers and adults.

Hubo sport provides 18-month warranty for all products, so does this ski goggles, so you could feel free to place an order. 

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Part 3. Dos & Don'ts of Ski Goggles

  • Do air dry the snow goggles after using it.

  • Do put away your snow goggles in specialized bag or box instead of leaving it on the desk, floor or other hard surfaces.

  • Do not rub against the lenses with fingers or coarse cloth in case of damaging the anti-fog coating.

  • Do not wear makeup with the ski goggles on.


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