Best Ski Mask - Extra Protection in the Cold

Author:Ameenah | TIME:November 16,2018

Skiing is one of the most popular and exciting outdoor activities in winter. However, when you enjoy yourself in the freezing winter, you have to make full preparation to keep yourself warm and prevents frostbite. The ski mask is one of the necessities for winter sports. Ski mask, also called balaclava mask, is a winter face mask that covers over your head with openings for eyes, mouth, and sometimes your nose.

The balaclava mask is designed to keep your warm, but there are other important factors that you should consider before you rush to purchase one.

  • Size

Choosing the winter face mask that fits you the most is of great significance. you have to make sure that the openings fit your eyes and mouth. A larger ski mask is less windproof and capable to keep you warm while a smaller one would make you feel uncomfortable.

  • Material

The material of would decide whether your ski mask is comfortable and warm enough. It is commonly made of cotton, neoprene, nylon, wool, acrylic or a mix of them. Neoprene face masks are one of the most popular options because they are warmer and more comfortable. Nylon and Acrylic ones are also favored for their light weight, low price and size. Wool performs well in keeping you warm but make sure that you are not allergic to wool.

  • Safety

As the balaclava mask goes over your head and it adds difficult for you to see as clear as without a mask. As we have stated before, proper size matters a lot. Do not let your mask cover your eyes, mouth and nose, thus preventing you from seeing clearly and breathing.   


Generally, if you choose a proper ski mask, you could use it for not only skiing or winter sports but also for daily use in winter. As there is a wide range of alternatives, we have reviewed most of them and picked out the 3 best ski masks for you. 

#1 Ergodyne N-Ferno Ski Mask 

Ergodyne N-Ferno Ski Mask

This is the best ski mask ranking among men's skiing clothing. Made of polyester, this balaclava mask maintains a high level of breathability while allowing to stretch it to covers all over your head, face, and neck. The stretchable material makes it suitable for most people. The thick and specially designed face panel perfectly resist wind blowing and prevent the heat from escaping.

People who wear sunglasses are usually bothered by the foggy ophthalmic lens. However, this highly breathable ski mask eliminates the similar trouble.

The hinge design makes it so versatile that you could take it as either ski mask or neck gaiter. That is to say, you could use it for any condition that you have to keep yourself warm, such as doing outdoor winter sports, driving or walking.

It could be hidden underneath the helmet or the hat when it is not in use, which would cause no discomfort and make you feel bulky. 


#2 Self Pro Ski Mask 

#2 Self Pro Ski Mask

Self Pro balaclava mask, designed for people at different ages, aims to provide ultimate protection from cold, wind, dust and even ultraviolet ray when you are skiing, running, riding a bike, hiking, climbing mountains, boarding, hunting or any other outdoor activities.

This mask, made of Coolmax with hi-tech soft polar fleece, provides extreme breathability, absorbency, durability and comfort. It feels soft and lightweight, which adds no extra burden to your movement. The skin-friendly makes it safe for even allergic skin. You could put it in the washing machine if necessary.

It is long enough to cover both your forehead and neck. The careful sewing design fits your head so perfectly that you would not feel the air on your neck. The delicate design allows you to wear the ski mask in more than 6 ways, such as covering your face, the whole head, head only, neck only, etc.


#3 Tough Headwear Ski Mask

#3 Tough Headwear Ski Mask

This is the best winter face mask recommended by Amazon. It aims to provide you with all-around protection even if you are about to play extreme sports outdoors.

It is able to keep you warm and dry with breathable fabric. The wool liner could keep you warm by preventing the heat from escaping. The mesh design accelerates the air flow so that you don't feel stuffy when you wear it. The breathable design makes the mask extremely friendly to those who wear glasses because it reduces condensation, thus avoiding any accidents.

As this balaclava mask could cover all over your head, you could wear it by itself or along with a helmet. It won’t make you feel uncomfortable under the helmet or the hat. There are multiple ways of wearing it, but never walk into a bank or in the airport with it on, or it might give rise to misunderstanding.

There are small logos on the front, sides and back. It is reflective so that you could be easily spotted in the dark. It provides extra security in case that you lost in the wild.

The manufacturer promises to provide a lifetime warranty.



Winter will never stop sports enthusiast from enjoying themselves. We hope that ski mask would provide you with extra security. 


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