The Cutting Board with Food Icons Prevents Cross Contamination (set of 4)

  • CONVENIENT----Each plastic cutting board has a food icon, just according to the icon instructions to cut different foods.
  • BEAUTIFUL COLORS----4 colored cutting boards (red, yellow, blue and green) make people feel happier when cooking.
  • PRACTICAL---- The flexible cutting board is soft and easy to curl to help transport food directly into a bowl or pot.
  • NON-POROUS HYGIENIC ODOR RESISTANT COATING---- Naturally non­stick BPA FREE! Includes antimicrobial protection with built-in defense properties that inhibit the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN----Each cutting mat has a crosshatch textured back, so the mats will not slip on your counter-top! Sized for the home chef. Easy to maintain & store .

* These mats are BPA-FREE & FDA APPROVED.


* Still using your old & worn, cut up cutting mats? 

    Most experts recommend replacing plastic mats every two years. When a sponge or dishcloth snags on the board, or your knife skips over deep cuts, it's time for a new one. Your family's health is too important!


*Perfect for all kitchen needs:

The cutting mat set has 4 different color mats with different food icons.

 Green color with tomato icon, used for cutting vegetables.

 Red color with cow icon, used for cutting meat and other raw food.

 Yellow color with banana icon, used for cutting fruits.

 Blue color with fish icon, used for sea food.

*Easy to clean:

Easy to clean and dry,  it won't get mildewed. 

We recommend Hand-wash cutting boards in order to maintain their flexibility.

*Satisfaction Guarantee:

If, for whatever reason, you don't absolutely love your cutting mats, just return them, and we will refund every penny (or replace It, if there Is a problem). 



  14.9inches long, 11.8inches wide, 0.85MM(1piece) thick.



 4 different colors of cutting mats(red×1, yellow×1, blue×1, green×1)

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