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Selfie stick, definitely the most eye-catching invention in recent years, has become a must-have item for iPhone and Android phone and is perfect for tourist and family. Compared to the monopod for stabilizing the camera, a selfie stick allows the camera on iPhones or other androids to take a shoot at angles and distances that the human’s arms can’t reach.

When you are surprised at a group selfie taken by your friend on your Facebook or other social media, finding that their camera seems to be far away, they are just using a smartphone selfie stick.

If you don't want to wait a long time for group selfies to get everyone ready, and finally get a blurry photo because your hands are tired, picking the best selfie stick is one that won't be a regretful decision. But the selfie stick on Amazon has a variety of selfie sticks for iPhone and Android, how can you buy the most suitable selfie stick? In this article, you can learn what best selfie stick for iPhone and Android is. Besides, we list top-rated selfie sticks on Amazon.


#1 Fugetek FT-568 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick for iPhone/Android/Gopro

Fugetek FT-568 Wireless Bluetooth Selfie Stick.jpg

Weighing only 10 ounces, the Fugetek FT-568 is a universal selfie stick for smartphones such as the iPhone 8/7s/6 Plus and Android, GoPro and digital cameras.

Fugetek best selfie stick has 2 interchangeable phone mounts, one with a spring, which means it can fix iPhone or Android with a width of 55mm to 80mm. The one without the spring has an adjustable screw for medium to large size smartphones, as you can adjust the width from 55mm to 100mm.

In addition, it is waterproof. At the same time, it has an aluminum frame and a non-slip grip rubber handle. This way you can take a selfie with the waterfall and the sea without affecting its normal work. You can extend this selfie stick to 49 inches, it is also strong enough to support your phone without having to worry about it slipping from the holder.

For Android, you are allowed to zoom in and out of the tool.  It is wonderful when it comes to video blogs at local auto shows. It's very easy to take photos and videos with the included Bluetooth remote control. It's great for the compartment in the selfie stick, but the trigger button and buttons for zooming but not for iPhone.

#2 4-in-1 Selfie Stick for iPhone (All) including iPhone Xs/Max and Samsung


4-in-1 Selfie Stick.jpg

The 4-in-1 best selfie stick kit with Bluetooth remote comes with 1 mini tripod, 2 universal smartphone stand, 1 GoPro mount adapter and 1 wireless Bluetooth remote shutter with advanced silicone clip and 1 large carrying case. It is suitable for iPhone XS Max/XS/ 8 / 8Plus/7/6 S, Samsung Galaxy S9/8/Note, and other up to 3.75" wide Android or camera equipment.

It can work in 4 different modes, including Selfie Stick mode, Handheld Tripod mode, Tabletop Tripod mode, and Elevated Mode. In selfie stick mode, you can extend the rugged camera bar from 12 inches to 36 inches. In The SelfieStand mode, the camera is lifted from 18" to 42" by mounting on a 6-inch tripod, so you can get the perfect camera angle whenever and wherever you want, which is perfect for presentation videos, live broadcasts, video blogs, groups Photos.


Once paired with your phone, the Bluetooth remote allows you to take photos up to 30 meters away and start/stop Snapchat video recording.

Thanks to this compact unite, if you are going on a road trip or cycling, this 4-in-1 selfie stick can be easily placed in your backpack.

#3 Mpow-Best Inexpensive Selfie Stick Under $10

MPOW Selfie Stick.jpg

With built-in Bluetooth remote control and good quality battery, MPOW selfie stick allows you to easily take a perfect selfie or take a photo when you are traveling or partying. This cheap selfie stick is suitable for iPhone X/8/8P/7P/6s/6/5, Galaxy S, Huawei and More.

MPOW selfie stick with Bluetooth remote control is a simplified tool when some of the other upgraded selfie sticks have other accessories. But in general, a selfie stick is enough, unless you need to take more professional photos and videos.

It's easy to use, Bluetooth and smartphones can be automatically paired. When taking a selfie, press the button on the handle. The Bluetooth Selfie Stick 270-degree adjustable head ensures the most satisfying photos. The length is 31.5 inches when it is fully extended.

It's a lightweight compact unit with a storage length of only 7.1 inches, perfect for travel. You can fold it into a bag. It comes with an extra wristband that offers double insurance for your Mpow and your phone.


Above tells you best selfie stick for iPhone and Android with Bluetooth remote control. Just fix them in the clip before taking a photo. After receiving the goods, check the first time. If you don't know how to do this, you can refer to the selfie stick instructions.


Also, when you need to use the selfie stick, please find out if you are allowed to do this. Because for safety reasons, the selfie stick is forbidden in some places. There are some places that selfie stick is not allowed, including Milan, Italy, Disney parks,  Lollapalooza, Coachella, South Korea, La Garoupe in Southern France.

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