Why to Buy Multi-Function Stylus Pen!

Author:jenny | TIME:September 01,2018

Every day I have to use stylus pen for iPad and an ordinary pen for paper, but I always use the wrong pen when I am in a hurry, so I have been looking for a multi-function stylus. Finally, I found this "iDrem365 stylus pen" on Amazon which I would consider to be the best stylus pen. I'm surprised when receiving them, as it is so multi-functional that I don't need to shift between a stylus and ordinary pens. It is applicable for all kinds of occasions and a variety of surfaces, such as offices, schools or homes and pads, mobile phones or paper.


It is featured with the 3 in 1 function. When you purchase this stylus pen, you will actually have 3 types of pens. This stylus consists of 3 tips: 6 mm rubber tip and 7mm rubber tip at separate ends for the digital screen and ballpoint pen in the middle for the paper. The rubber tip allows you to write smoothly on the screen, providing you with an extreme writing and browsing experience. Just by simply pulling off the cap end and you will have the ordinary pen for taking notes. 


how to replace refill.jpg


In order to prolong the lifespan of this stylus, the tip and save you the trouble of constantly purchasing a new pen, the rubber end is designed to be replaceable. Don't know where to buy appropriate tips? Don't worry, this item comes with 8 rubber tips and 2 refills, which would last for a long period. After using all of them, tips and refills are available in the iDream365 store, a good and reputable seller.

When it comes to how to replace the tip,  it is not a difficult job and there is the instruction below.



This stylus pen is designed for office and daily use. As it looks like a common pen, you could just take it with you, acting as a practical stylus, a pen and an accessory.  I bought black/silver combination which looks classy and elegant. It is not only the best stylus pen, but also a perfect office gift for your father, lover or friends.  And now I use idream365 stylus pen every day, useful and high efficiency! It becomes my good friend in my work and daily life.

Have you ever been troubled by the great mess of scattered pens on your desk? Are you tired of shifting and looking for another type of pen? Why not pick this idream365 stylus pen? It will not only add convenience and efficiency to your work, but also make you feel good in the face of a tidy desk.


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