Portable Workbench Buying Guide

Author:Ameenah | TIME:November 07,2018

DIY lovers, artisans, craftsmen, woodworkers, and professionals used to have to fulfill their job in their workshop. However, they sometimes have to move from place to place to have their job done on spot. It is impossible for them to return their workshop or carry along with them a fixed and bulky workbench. That is why the manufacturer developed the idea of producing a portable workbench, or folding workbench. The best portable work table could be folded up and carried around to satisfy most of your basic needs, such as sanding, sawing, measuring, or cutting.

In this passage, we will go over three of the best folding workbenches available on the market. 

Part 1. What Makes the Best Portable Workbench?

  • Lightweight & portable

When we choose a portable workbench, we would like it to be convenient to carry away and easy to use. We would expect it to be extended and folded up within a single hand.

  •  Sturdy & durable

Sometimes our folding workbench has to take on heavy work. Compared with a full-sized workbench indoors, a portable one is more vulnerable as it is taken out. Therefore, we would like the best portable work table to be sturdy and durable.

  •  Versatile

Unexpected things would happen occasionally. We would like the portable workbench to do as much as it can.

Part 2. What is the Best Portable Workbench?

Keter Portable Workbench

Keter Portable Workbench

Keter portable work table aims to provide you a multifunctional surface for working and compact size for storage and carrying. The table top extends to be 33.46" (W) x 21.65" (D) and holds 1000 pounds, suitable to fulfill most jobs.

This folding workbench is made of rugged polypropylene resin, which is durable for long-term use even in tough conditions. The steel legs ensure that the workbench stands sturdily.

The 2-12 in. clamps help secure the materials on the table top. This 29.95lbs portable workbench is lightweight to carry around for outdoor projects with an easy-grip handle. It is featured with the quick-opening system which allows you to open and fold it up within minutes.

Firstly, you have to fold the center section down and push the side supports in to unlock them.
Then pull up on the lower section to collapse the legs, lowering the unit to the ground.
Once the table lays flat on the ground, press the table top down for a fully closed position.
Finally, you could carry the unit with the carrying handle.

WORX Pegasus Portable Workbench

WORX Pegasus Portable Workbench

workbench consists of  ABS plastic surface and aluminum stand. It is so versatile that you could switch it between worktable  fulfill jobs like cutting, painting, varnishing, gluing and so on without ea

This folding workbench extends to be 31“x 25” x 32” and folds up to be 5 inches deep. Weighing 30 pounds, it allows you to carry it everywhere and is able to support 300 pounds. When you convert it into a sawhorse, it is able to support 1000 pounds. The leg locks prevent the portable work table from slipping or collapsing.

There are 2 quick clamps and 4 clamp dogs on the table top to provide extra security for materials such as paper, lumber, etc. If you want to expand the working area, you could connect it to other surfaces.

The small pockets allow you to keep small items like screws or a pencil, which is quite convenient. Worx must be a wonderful working partner.

BLACK+DECKER Portable Workbench

BLACK+DECKER Portable Workbench

This portable workbench is popular on Amazon. It is made of a durable steel frame and wooden vise jaw. The work table extends to be 33.3”×5”×5”. Weighing 17.8 pounds, it is able to support 350 pounds. The specially-designed feet could prevent the workbench from slipping so that you could feel free to work on it.

The adjustable swivel pegs and jaws could clamp even oddly shaped materials. The jaws perfectly prevent the material from warping so that workers won’t make mistakes in cutting, painting or sawing.

When it is not in use or needs carrying, just fold it flat for storage or transport.

This item requires assembly and installation manual is included. However, some customers complain that there are some mistakes in the manual which adds a little difficulty to the assembly.


The portable workbench is not only designed for portable use but also for the workshop with limited space. We hope that a portable work table would bring you much convenience and efficiency. That is why we conduct this review.


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